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What does Jimi Hendrix's interpretation of The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock mean to you (if anything)?

Asked by tb1570 (3113points) July 4th, 2010

I listen to it every Fourth of July and it never fails to give me goosebumps, for many resons—the pure beauty of it as well as the comment I feel it makes on the Dream of America, what America can and will, hopefully, some day become. I am purposefully vague in order to let others add their thoughts & opinions freely and un-influenced.

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It’s a great rock anthem.

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It means Hendrix was really good at entertaining a crowd.

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It looks like he is playing a 1968 Fender Stratocaster. Am I correct?

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It means the 60’s.

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That Jimi could play the guitar just like he was ringing a bell.

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The man was gifted and talented without a hint of pretentiousness. He was intense and focussed and one with his guitar….it became an extension of his very soul. And strange new sounds poured out of he and his guitar as freely and easily as if they were normal and common. He was avant-garde and made his guitar do things never before heard, and without a bit of force, as if natural. But of course his playing was not natural, common or normal….even the finest guitarists of his day were awestruck by his innovation and abilities. And he had a stage presence unmatched to this day….at once fun-loving and easy-going yet intense as hell. To sum it up, he was a mystical genius whose innovation and virtuosity could take any song, even The Star’s Bangled Banner, to new heights (listen to him “toy” with Clapton and Cream in the tribute included here.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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It one of the defining moment is electric guitar history plus it brought back a sense of awe and reverence to our nations flag at a time when people were wearing and or burning it in protest of the Vietnam war.

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@wtf Thanks for that link, Gary. That was a great piece of videotape.

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It makes me tingle, any musician who can just do something completely different with their musical talent just makes me go into a trance. I love music and when it is good it feels like it flows through my veins.

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That he is Jimi F’in Hendrix and Jimi F’in Hendrix, F’in ROCKS!

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I always liked it.
I also think that if he had lived, he would have wound being a modern blues icon, equal to or greater than Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton.

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