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When is it stalking?

Asked by Samantha5355 (48points) July 5th, 2010

I am an older person who does not understand the persistent quality of the electronic correspondence I receive. I recently turned down an opportunity to advertise my business in our local newspaper. (Couldn’t afford it.) Afterward, the sales rep sent me two angry e-mails, and phoned me to ask me to explain my decision.

Were this 1975, I would have stir-fried this little dame for dinner by now. But because it is 2010 and because she grew up on the anonymous, consequence-free Internet, I’m cutting her a lot of slack.

Am I right? It this a generational thing that I should continue to silently wait out, or do I have a stalker?

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You missed the opportunity to ream her a new one. Don’t miss the next. No matter what their age, people are expected to be normatively polite.

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Aw – go ahead and “stir-fry the little dame”. I say she deserves it; internet generation or no.

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Contact the newspaper that she was representing and report her. Send copies of her nasty emails to them too as proof. You did nothing to warrant this type of retaliation that you are getting from her. Maybe the newspaper could throw in a couple of free advertisements for you to show how sorry they are for what she put you through.

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This is not stalking, this is intimidation.

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Not stalking, but certainly unwarranted and unprofessional. I agree with @betterdays.

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Totally unprofessional behavior. Why have you not complained to her supervisor?

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The sales rep sent you messages demanding to know why you weren’t using them? What unprofessional behaviour. It’s true, the lack of face-to-face contact nowadays increases the chances of people being more hostile in their emails, but that is no excuse for such behaviour from someone who wants your business. I would tell her right off, hold back nothing. Why be polite for someone who is not?

You don’t have a stalker though, you just have a really unprofessional businessperson. I would contact their employer and make them aware of how ridiculous this person is behaving. If the company condones it, well that’s why we have blogs and Twitter, to let others know how unprofessional some companies are.

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