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How should I treat these insects/spider bites?

Asked by amazingme (1855points) July 5th, 2010

I woke up one morning a few days ago and realized I had these red bumps on my legs and just ignored it until the next morning I had even more. And now I have about 20 of them all varying in sizes on my left leg. I am pretty sure they are spider bites, but nothing to be very worried about. I would just like to know if there are any remedies for these bites, as it is summer and I would love to wear my shorts.

PS-I have already washed all my clothing and changed out my bedsheets.

Here is a photo I found online of what the bites look like. I have one about the same size as in the photo and all the others are smaller.

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benadryl cream and some bandaids, given a bit of time…may or may not work.

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It could be spiders, but there are many other things it ‘could’ be. If they don’t clear up soon or you feel strange sensations…I’d seek help.

Where would you get that many spider bites in one area of your body?

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@MissA I am slightly certain that there might’ve been a spider in a pair of pajama bottoms that I wore to bed a couple days in a row. That’s the only thing I can figure. But if it is a spider, where it came from; I have no clue.

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@amazingme…I like that – “slightly certain”!

Do you REALly think that one spider would bite you twenty times? You must be tasty. Better shake out your shoes, too.

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@MissA Yes…Slightly. :]

It is between that, or I think I might have chiggers.

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IF you believe that you may have chiggers, put some clear fingernail polish on the bites. That kills them…as they have burrowed under your skin.

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@MissA Will do…However I only have colored ones, but oh well, that’d have to do. Thanks.

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@amazingme , you know I thought about that when typing. I’ve always heard clear, but I’m sure it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

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It does not look like chiggers. I’d actually ask a doctor, at this point, and spray the bedroom with bug spray in the morning after getting up. Maybe get a fogger and close the bedroom doors.

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@MissA I put lilac colored nail polish. Hope it works, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.
@Keysha That is a great idea. I am going to try that also.

Thinking about bugs makes me itchy in general.

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@Keysha And, have all that chemical residue where you sleep? Eghads.

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@MissA Given a choice of chemical residue or unknown possibly poisonous insects, I’d rather have the residue. IT can be cleaned up.

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It could be a number of things and most likely caused by some type of insect. Because of the number of red bumps, when you think they occurred, and that they are only on your left leg (but that is unclear), my bet is on bed bugs.
* Ticks typically latch on.
* Fleas are small, but visible.
* Mosquito bites are typically felt when they attack, even if the welt doesn’t show up until the next day.
* Spider bites in that number? I doubt it but could be wrong.
* Chigger bites are a possibility.

You’ve washed the bedding (assuming it includes the mattress pad). Start with an anti-itch medication. A friend introduced me to Band-Aid’s anti-itch gel, and it works like a charm on poison ivy and bug bites. If the itching doesn’t go away after a day or two, it is probably chiggers, and the above mentioned use of nail polish has worked for me…and it doesn’t matter the color.

Just watch them, and go to a doctor or clinic if they get worse.

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Your picture has a little pustule in it, just like this picture. link
They hide during the day, and come out at night to feed. A severe infestation will show spots of blood (which is actually their feces) on the mattress.

I know it’s nasty, but anyone can get ‘em. They are often spread by staying in an infested hotel room, and it can be days before the bites show up.

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@snowberry Bedbugs are much more prevalent in residential homes than in hotels. Think about it: hotel bedding is changed and washed every day (or at least at check-out), mattress pads, bedspreads each quarter (unless stained), and the mattress is rotated/flipped every quarter. The carpeting is vacuumed every day. Most people don’t do this much in their own home.

The problem is that a case or cases of bed bugs in hotels make a sensationalized news story. If you found them in your home, would you call the local news channel to report it?

I worked for Hilton for 24 years, and several of those were spent inspecting them. ~200 nights a year on the road; a different hotel every night. I’ve never experienced a bedbug incident, nor did any of the fellow inspectors. Trust me…we would have talked about it.

The number of bedbug claims in hotels is a minute percentage, although it has been on the rise in the past decade. It is attributed to an increase of international travelers who carry them in their clothing and suitcases…from their home.

From everything that I’ve read, the bites show up overnight, not days later. Should someone experience bites that recently stayed in a hotel, it doesn’t hurt to give the hotel staff a heads up, but blame should certainly not be placed on them.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Actually, in the last few years they have been spreading, and it’s bad. I have read many articles and seen a few news shows on the topic. They have recently been found in every place from hotel rooms to corporate offices to clothing stores and dorm rooms. Do a google search for news on the subject. Here and here are only two articles of many.

In addition, according to the California Department of Public Health, it may take days for the bites to show up.

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I actually went to my doctor because I had no signs of any type of insect in my house. She wasn’t sure what it was because a few of them on my leg turned into boils. So she put me on Keflex and they cleared up (Although they scarred) and I haven’t been on the medication for about a month now because I ran out and everything seemed fine. However, I just (literally today) got a bunch of “bites” (or whatever) on my feet. And only on my feet! I just bought a new pair of jeggings. They were not there this morning, and know I have about 20. So I decided to look for signs of any bed bugs and I couldn’t find any.

If it is not bed bugs could it be something relating to my diet? I know I haven’t been sticking to a healthy diet, but it has only been for these past two days, every other day I have been eating healthy.
Any help?

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Regarding your diet, if it were due to diet, you should have a rash ALL OVER your body, not just on one leg or one foot, but who knows?

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@snowberry True. I am scheduling another appointment with my doctor to get them inspected.

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