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Can anyone suggest durable, but safe, toys for a cockatoo?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) July 6th, 2010

So, I’ve got a cockatoo. A sulpher crested cockatoo. He’s, uh, a little on the destructive side. The last ‘toy’ I got him was a swing. Two vertical chains filled with wooden balls and thin sheets of wood and a bell at the bottom of each chain. The support bar that went between them was pretty hefty.

Within 24 hours it was reduced to two chains, four balls, and one bell.

Does anyone know of something this fellow can chew on that might last, I don’t know, a week? Maybe? Safe for birds, etc.

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Each bird is so different it’s hard to give a recommendation outright. I’ve had some birds that demanded nothing but wood, while others would barely touch it. The longest I’ve gotten out of a toy was about two months of solid use. I ended up making my own and rotating them every two weeks or so to make them last longer and keep him interested in them.

Look for ones that are hard plastic, rawhide or calcium based. Hard wood is fine like manzanita wood- but too many bird toys use soft pine that won’t last long when confronted with the Beak Of Determination.

Some favorites with my old macaw were the plastic cup that hid a nut, bird kong, rawhide bits (make sure to take the toy out when the rawhide begins to be destroyed), the cotton candy ‘trumpets’ and toys I made out of leather strips and wooden blocks.

Examples of his favorites-
party toy
cotton candy toy

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We get a lot of our rabbit treats and toys from Doctors Foster & Smith. We’ve been very happy with the quality of the products and the customer service. They have tons of toys for birds, and many of them feature testimonials from customers who have purchased them. Click on a toy, then click the “testimonials” tab in the product description, and you might get an idea of which toys can stand up to your bird’s idea of play!

“This site” has lots and lots of ideas for homemade toys and activities for birds. Some are suited for smaller birds, but a lot of them would work for a larger parrot and might be more budget-friendly. When my dad’s cockatoo gets bored, he flutters down from his perch and stalks around the house complaining until he gets attention. He likes to cuddle in your lap. I think he thinks he is a cat.

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@MissAusten I can’t believe I forgot Dr’s FS. I agree wholeheartedly- it’s a great website and wonderful service!

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I just realized I didn’t actually add a link to the other site I found! Second attempt!

@gemiwing Santa gets all the bunny’s presents from Dr.s FS! :)

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