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Any tips on eating healthier?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) July 8th, 2010

I’m trying to eat much more healthier now and exercise alot more for this volleyball camp i’m going to next week. I know i need to eat more fruits and veggies.

Does anyone know any good health tips for me because im starting a very tough volleyball camp. Any help? Like should i eat any cetain fruits or anything?

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Take a multi-vitamin once a day. if you are a minor, ask your parents about childrens vitamins. from your avatar, you appear to be old enough for an adult multi-vitamin, but ask your parents, if not. you are on the right track with the exercises, but also be sure you are healthy enough. volleyball is strenous, but not near at tough as soccer. keep on exercising.

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Stay hydrated! And from you need to drink water daily through the day so don’t just guzzle a big bottle before or after something as it from my understanding is not as helpful if you will.

Granola bars seem to be good for a nice snack.

Also if you like juices be careful with which types, concentrated mainly I believe, as many are loaded with sugar.

I asked a similar question I think you might find very helpful. :)

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A banana will be your best friend. It’s portable, requires no preparation, delicious, fills you up, and is great to eat after exercise as it contains a lot of potassium which helps you to restore your electrolytes.

Eat fruits that interest you. There is no point in eating only lettuce and salads just cause it’s healthy if you hate it. Eating food is one of life’s finest pleasures, as with everything it’s moderation we need to be aware of. So eat different fruits from time to time, try a different cultivar of apple, try that plum you’ve never tried before, try a strange fruit from the ethnic section of your grocery store if you have one.

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is a good idea because each food has a different amount of vitamins and minerals. If you are eating a variety of fruit you will have no need to take a multi-vitamin.

The trick with healthy eating is to make sure you have a healthy snack available, so that you do not turn to eating cookies just because “they are there”. So take some time the night before to make up a little bag of vegetables you like, and bring that to your volleyball camp for a snack. Or bring an apple along just in case you need an extra snack, so that you do not choose to buy something from a vending machine.

Drinking water is always important when you exercise. I personally do not believe in the 8 cups of water a day myth, instead I drink water when I’m thirsty. If you drink a lot of soda or juice, try replacing it with water from time to time. When I make canned juice I always add an extra can or two of water, it’s much nicer than the super-sweet juice it is “supposed” to be. And having a chilled bottle of water in the fridge ready for you to drink is always a great thing when you come in from exercising!

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Nuts are very good for you if you’re not allergic to the oil :-/
Also fish oil to help keep your bones & joints supple, also helps the blood flow, ya can’t beat omega 3…… ;-)

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Simple – cut out processed foods at much as possible (eg breads, processed hams, sweets, cooldrinks), and eat more fruits and veggies, especially fresh ones, but it’s usually nicer to cook the veggies – so steam them. Or use ‘em in stews or curries and eat that with rice and couscous and other such filler foods. And replace your usual drinks with water or fresh fruit juices.
Well, this should get you started at least. :D

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@Natural , Will it be okay if you still eat them raw? Or is it Better to cook them?

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@astrix24 – raw is always healthier! :) But some veggies are not as yummy to eat raw, because we’re not used to it i suppose….but i would say steaming is the healthiest way of cooking those that you want cooked. Invest in a steamer, they’re really great, i love mine. :)

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Don’t have unhealthful foods in your house to reduce temptation to eat them. Have nuts, fruit and similar foods around for “munching.”

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Don’t buy unhealthy food. If you don’t buy your own food, then don’t consider anything but the healthy foods yours. Those are for other people. You only own reasonable sized rations of the healthy food per day. Everything else is not yours and it would be stupid for you to eat it.

Get that sense of ownership in your head and you’ll find it easier. Food-ownership is a very primal thing. Comes from evolving through the agriculture era where food-shortages came about a few times every lifetime or so. And I guess it was a big deal before that too. I don’t know, but there’s an instinct for it, take advantage of it.

Also try convincing yourself that junk-food is poison, (which it is,) but let the taste of it seem sickening to you and after you swallow some, convince your stomach that it’s just been violated. This got me off of potato chips and soda.

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@zophu – Sound advice. Force yourself to think that everytime you eat something unhealthy, that it’s damaging your body – hopefully this will be enough to make you quit! Haha.

I’m trying to quit soda too, and i love chips but i want to quit them also. sigh

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@NaturallyMe Well, my theory is that if we were all raised eating healthy food, the unhealthy food would naturally taste bad to us. It’s just the addictive traits of the food that trick us into liking them over time. Might as well counter the negative unconscious tendencies with positive ones, fight fire with fire.

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@zophu – i agree totally!

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-drink lots of water
-surround your self with healthy stuff
-get daily sugars and protein in you
-dont skip meals
-be very active
(: hope that helped!

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