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There's no way to undo a GA, is there?

Asked by bob_ (19596points) July 9th, 2010

When one accidentally gives a Great Question, is there a way to undo that? Not that it’s that big of a deal, but say you want to flag a response, but you slip, and whoa, you’ve GA-ed it. Too bad?

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You can still flag and explain. And you’re right. It’s not too big a deal. But deal or no deal, vigilance keeps this site pristine.

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There isn’t a way to undo a GA, but if you really wanted to flag it, flag it and put a comment in the flag about your erroneous GA.

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Jinx @gailcalled – I owe you a fresh-squeezed lemonade.

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Since I’m not so far away, I’ll be waiting. I’m also not so far from that place in N. Westchester, either.

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I’m squeezing right now.

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That is just too much effort to worry about.

Its not like giving a GA is going to cause a nuclear war.

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Not a big deal.

No one cares.

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@ChazMaz lmao….yep, win some and lose some! Just part of da game!

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@jjmah Why, thank you for your valuable input :P

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@jjmah Now we’re talking.

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@SeventhSense: “Clean, fresh, like new.” I admit, though, not the perfect word choice. It’s the heat. (But it’s better than calling the pulp in citrus fruit “orange cells.”)

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No, I certainly wouldn’t use any of those descriptors. It’s too jaded and recycled to be fresh and new. There’s nothing new under the sun.

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I tried removing a GA I gave @bob_ it’s not working. THIS ISN’T OVER @bob_ !!!!!!

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but @bob_ I made you a samwich….you just didnt come eat it??
so now you take away my lurve?? after all that pastrami??

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I seem to recall Augustlan’s answering this same Q once by saying not even the mods could undo a GA and that sometimes she had accidentally clicked GA when she meant to click flag, and there was no taking it back. The only thing to do is shrug it off.

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@jazmina88 I’m sorry things didn’t work out.

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@bob_ Did you give me lurve by mistake again? Don’t worry – I’ll just change accounts again and start all over.
But if you really wanted to – you could hold back on a GQ/GA the next time said person said something brilliant. That would even out the score. Are you writing this down? Pearls.

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@zenele OH NO! NOT AGAIN!

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You started it. Sandwich?

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My stomach is feeling kind of funny at the moment, so I think I should pass, thanks.

Got any whisky, though?

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Pours a shot. Highball. Chivas. Cheers, @bob_

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okay, given ummmm up…give me all my lurves back! I’m taking my marbles, most loose, and going home!

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[mod says] @Jeruba is correct. I’ve been trying to remove an answer, and given it a GA instead. So frustrating!

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@bob_ Please,...just try and be more careful.

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@bob_ Sometimes you just have to put the sandwich down!

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@lloydbird That’s what she said. Wait, um, damn… :/

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@bob_ now there is a question for you, why is “that’s what she said” always funny, even on the occasions it makes no sense?

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It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

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