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If you were taken in to a psychiatric institution whom would they say you were impersonating?

Asked by rebbel (28474points) July 9th, 2010

You know, the classic inhabitants of the psychiatric wards supposedly are Napoleon and Jesus.
Who would you be?

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Brian Shaw, PhD (Author of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression)
Maimonides a famous rabbi, physician and philosopher.

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The classic inhabitants of psych wards are impersonating Jesus? Since when?

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Since when i stated it in my details?
I have no statistics on it, but i was always under the impression that those were in the top list of impersonatees.

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My mother would say I was impersonating “Sarah Heartburn.”

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@rebbel I should have said the classic inhabitants of psych wards are impersonating people?

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Ah, you mean that.
Yeah, wrong choice of words on my part, i should have written: “People who think that they are famous historical figures.”.

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Snow White.

I am not delusional about dwarves…but I do have a way with nature and like to stand around singing with my arms spread out waiting for the little birdies to land on me. lol

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That I am impersonating the defective version of myself.

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John Wayne, in character (so not even a person, but a character of a person.)

Or maybe David Lee Roth, circa 1981.

Or Flavor Flav.

Great Question

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Sir Isaac Newton

Damn apples keep falling on my head.

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One for each day of the week: Attila the Hun, Cleopatra, Florence Nightingale, Hercule Poirot,
Plato, Harry Houdini and to close off, last but not least- King Kong. All that should get me into isolation where I will be locked up and the key will be thrown away!

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Madonna in her English phase.

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