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Is it possible to rent out an apartment that I am renting?

Asked by luke101 (49points) July 10th, 2010

I have an apartment that I am renting. My landlord is a very honest person and the rent here is really really cheap. I can make about $500/month by renting out my apartment that I am renting “myself”. Just wanted to know if this is possible to do?

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It depends on your lease. Check with your lease and your landlord to see if it’s ok. Most places don’t let you sublet your place (which is what you would be doing).

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You are talking about subleasing. first, check your lease to see if this violates your contract with your landlord. second, ask your landlord if this is permissable. third and this bothers me the most….your landlord is an honest person. thats great. but, if you sublease without his knowledge and a violation of your lease, then where does that place you? it appears you are doing this just for the money. is that true? i would not make a move, until i had the okay from your landlord. you might find yourself looking for a place to live, if you do not.

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Yes, what the others said. If your contract says you’re allowed to sublet, then you may, usually you ned the written consent of the landord. Even if it’s not in your lease contract, ask the landlord, he may agree to it.

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Most contracts say no. Are you willing to be responsible for damage to the apartment and insurance?

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You are lucky to have a decent landlord, many are low life, don’t take advantage.

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If your lease does not prohibit subletting, yes you may. Be aware that you remain 100% liable to the landlord for the rent and condition of the unit. It’s better to have complete assignment where the landlord has to approve the new tenant and he/she becomes the tenant of the landlord, rather than a tenant of yours.

This is a personal opinion; not legal advice.

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