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Did you ever have an invention idea that you think would work great but never went through with?

Asked by Jabe73 (4010points) July 11th, 2010

I’m sure most of us at times thought to themselves better ways of doing something or an idea for a product. Most people will never go through with their own ideas (like getting a patent or building a prototype) but I was curious of any ideas that you thought of that you felt would help other people, society or just maybe an idea for an improvement for an already existing product.

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I do have an idea that I will go through with eventually :)

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I have several that I won’t share because who knows what I will do with them in the future. One that I just think is a general public service, I have no trouble sharing: I think motorcycles should have two headlights, one above the other. The notion being, if it is dark and a vehicle with one light is coming toward you, you can discern if it is a car with a missing headlight (padiddle sp?) or a motorcycle and adjust your driving accordingly. Not an earth-shattering solution to a major problem, but just the kind of thing I like to think about.

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Yes, I have, and the weird thing is that idea usually shows up on the market within months. I often have wondered if I am receiveing the idea or telegraphing it. My guess is recieving it because I am considering it and someone else has been working on it for a while.

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All the time! I have two great ideas right now. One I will pursue over the next year and the other….I don’t know. I have the idea. The prototype wouldn’t be difficult to make, but I don’t know what steps to take after that.

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A few of my own not pursued yet because lack of money to build prototypes and patent stuff and also a few I’ve helped others get patents filed for.

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LOL Perhaps this wasn’t the best question to openly ask for various reasons. I wouldn’t want to get into my ideas too much online either. I guess I meant the question in a sort of fantasy type way like “what if”? I know someone who had an idea for lights inside of a purse but never went through with it. It is very hard even if you do have a good idea because it takes ALOT of money and luck. There are many people out there that will rip you off as well. I have built my own experimental prototypes but it will cost money to have them professionally rebuilt.

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They’re not my ideas, but…

There are numerous experimenters building home fusion reactors in their basements. At present, they draw more electricity than they produce, so there’s more work needed.

A scientist in France has been experimenting with devices that generate thrust electrically.

This is purely science fiction, but I think a matter copier would be a cool invention:

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@HungryGuy My generators produce more energy than they use. I am more of a hands-on type of person and I do not always confine myself to theories or formulas. I was told this was not possible but yet I’ve built these and have them. The greatest scientists and inventors always thought outside the box.

I will have to watch those links you provided. Science does not know much about physics even today. Never confine yourself to close-minded thinking.

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