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Besides food, what things have you made at home? How and where in the house did you make them?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 20th, 2009

Who knows what kinds of weird and strange things people make or grow? What strange projects do they have? My father makes scientific instruments in the basement. I used to do woodwork there. My son makes pictures, and he loves to “twiddle.” He makes all these friendship bracelets, and wants a loom to work on. Surprise me!

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That question sets me up for some scatological humor, but I’ll be good.

This time.

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When the girls were little, I made them several outfits alike. I like to sew, but I don’t have the patience for it anymore. I’ve made Christmas & Thanksgiving wreathes & accent lamps.

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I made a pretty clever gravity bong out of a plastic jack-o-lantern, a sprite bottle, and a socket once . . .

probably not what you were looking for ;)

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I have made dozens of hand-pieced and quilted quilts, several large needlepoint rugs, crocheted bedspreads (#0 hook), cushions, needle point seat covers, and a toy for Milo (My best project. I tied a piece of twine to a fishing rod.)

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Money, in my home office.
Some of which I was allowed to keep.

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Oh, my. I have made many, many things at home. I tend to be the creative type and I like to DIY so here are a few of the things:

Hand pieced quilts, clothing for everyone in the family, costumes for plays, movies and Halloween, custom t-shirt designs for my kids, paintings, a koi fountain for the patio, several raised beds, a wooden swing set (now used for a hammock), slip covers, stone patios and walkways, props for movie sets (including a break-away pool cue, portable graffiti, and lots and lots of fake blood), beaded lamp shades, stained glass panels, knitted scarves, wreaths for the front door, decorative pillows for the couch, book shelves, chairs, tables, murals on bedroom walls, and a whole bunch more stuff.

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I’ve tried to catch a fly and put it in a box and create something like a zoo with flies

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I build my harps mostly at home, in an unused second-floor kitchen. I also do pottery (I have a wheel in the basement and a kiln in the backyard). And I do some woodturning on a lathe in my basement, too, just for fun.

I occasionally get asked to make obscure Buddhist paraphernalia for my temple, like this hossu a ceremonial horsehair whisk. Fun stuff.

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I card and spin my own yarn, knit, weave, make soap. The yarnish stuff generally happens while I’m on the couch, but the soap has an outside/kitchen aspect to it because lye is stinky and somewhat dangerous. I also dye things (like yarn, go figure) in the kitchen.

Edit: also gardening, but that’s kinda like making food. It happens on my deck.

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I make magic in the bedroom.

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I made a lightsaber. Also, I’m a huge nerd.

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I used to weave baskets when I had more time, I’ve crocheted and I’ve made candles, I’m a fairly crafty person and enjoy trying new projects. Candles were fun, but a huge mess. I think the baskets were my favorite, but not worth the time when you can buy one real cheap at the craft store.

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@eponymoushipster LOLLLLLL, yeah, but can you package it & give it as a gift? Can you mass produce it? I know you can tie a ribbon around it, but that’s about as far as THAT goes. ;-)

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@jbfletcherfan prepackaged, and it’s always a gift.

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I like to make a mess.

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I make these stencils in my living room. Hippie

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@jbfletcherfan – Of course you can give it as a gift! You just have to put it in a box!

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@La_chica_gomela LOLLLLL, hey, now I like that! Very good point. ;-)

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That clip NEVER gets old. I’ve seen it like a thousand times, and after I found the link, I just watched it again – twice in a row!!

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beaded jewelry
flower gardens
and hopefully this coming year, some furniture!

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i’m surprised no one has said babies yet.

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Chalk me up for 2 daughters. :-)

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@tiffyandthewall that’s what trips to Bolivia are for.

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Well, hell, I missed out then. I was just here in Iowa both times.

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@tiffyandthewall – we couldn’t make our own babies, so we had to get a couple that other folks made but couldn’t keep.

We do at least believe in shopping locally.

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I spent the first year of my son’s life getting together with my sister on tuesday afternoons making a patchwork quilt out of his baby clothes so i could always remember them and those special days.

Little did i know that it would bring more than memories of baby days but also memories of tears, laughter, first times and precious tender bitter-sweet moments between best friends. Those days will never be forgotten because of our dedication to friendship and babyhood… i must post a picture at some point if i can ever figure out how to!?

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pickles with my nanny and our own candy and soap. Believe it or not but we make practicly everything we use in our house.

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I make amends in various rooms.

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Pinatas, candles, quilts, little baskets made out of pine needles and raffia, cross stitch wall hangings, artificial flower arrangements, crocheted blankets and scarves, Halloween costumes, tatted Christmas ornaments (actually, all sorts of Christmas ornaments), invitations, tarot card boxes, gift boxes, pom poms, clothes, beaded and braided jewelery, playing cards (I was bored).... umm…. I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a few odd projects that I’m made over the years.

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Art of various kinds… mostly paintings on canvas for my children, but I’ve also made a decoupaged kitchen stool and decoratively painted many objects (beds, desks, chairs, candlesticks, boxes and so on). All sorts of interior design projects. Stories. Plans. Three daughters.

I’ve also made a bookcase, a tray, and a blackboard/organizer but not at home.

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Mistakes, arguments, love, points, jokes, a break for it.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, furniture, arrangements of books, slipcovers, beds, clean clothes, photographs, stories up, harmonies, paint jobs, etchings, paintings, frames, repairs, recycle runs, cocktails. Phone calls. Used to make quilts but got too lazy.

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wooden stuff such as a huge bed, desk, cupboards etc
dummy-hangers and other similar things for my daughter
puppets (though I’m pretty hopeless at them)
the occasional recording, especially in the early days when the place was empty and I had a room that I used as a studio.

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@darwin shopping locally is just as good! :D

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Jewelry and a Maxasaurus.

The jewelry I made at my kitchen table following some designs I found in books (for my first few).

And the Maxasaurus was made…well I don’t think you want those details.

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Sophomore year, for my battle bots team, I made a one-pound, “ant weight” class robot in my basement.

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I made my last house. From forming the foundation, to building the structure, wiring it all, plumbing it, drywall, siding, roofing, paint, flooring, tile, trim, building the cabinets, making countertops, and then moving in. The new house I build cabinets, furniture, office parts and pieces, toys, trellises, and a few odd and ends. I did just make a 25’ x 25’ stamped and dyed concrete patio. I seem to have no spare time. ;)
My favorite thing I make, and that gives me the most satisfaction, has to be making my wife smile and laugh. That is my best work.

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@stevenb She is one lucky girl. : )

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You are both nice to say that. Thanks!

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I’m obviously a knitter, so I’ve made sweaters, socks, dishrags etc in my tv room. I’ve made Christmas ornaments with my kids in the dining room and come to think of it, I made the kids in my bedroom, but of course, my husband assisted in that one…

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@Darwin I know what you mean. We did it twice, first for twins, second for the twins’ younger sister.

I’ve made a new room, a garden, a workshop, music, a music box (how’s that for putting a gift in a box!) and we’ve made adults out of children.

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Hubbs and I love making things. We’re known as the crafty people. Curtains, books, cat toys, scarves, baskets, hangings, sweatbands, planters, tshirts, cards, decorations, bikes, paintings and art. We’re all over the map here.

I love making things at home. I’d rather make something than buy it most of the time. Hubbs even moreso than I.

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I made my daughter a pantsuit when they were in style and I made a lot of tee shirts for myself – all many years ago. I made a long dress for a party in 1971. lol

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I made all my birthday cards when I was growing up. I made people laugh, I made trouble, and I used to make my own barbie furniture dad was a carpenter and he always had lots of scrap wood for me to use. :)

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@Harp I ♥ your job! That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard anyone doing as an occupation or hobby… ever!

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

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I’ve made furniture (yes, ikea kind, but also several pieces from scratch, shelves and desks). I’ll make a lamp out of parts every once in a while.

We make paintin’s and collages regularly. (I have an 11×14 painting in progress next to my desk right now).

I occasionally build something electronic but that’s getting easier and harder as everything is packed into an integrated circuit these days.

I make bird toys for the parrot a couple times a week as she can dispatch them to bits that quickly. That’s her job!

Unless it won’t fit, this all happens in my 7×11ft ‘office’, with drop-cloths and a shop vac deployed as needed.

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I have been making pizza ovens for customers lately, but haven’t had time to make myself one yet. Soon I hope.

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I know this is food, but we have made pickles. I’ve also made cabinets, shelves; I’ve made broken appliances work, I’ve made rooms change color and decor, I’ve made floors look different, to name a few.

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@Yetanotheruser Yum, pickles ! And beer, plenty of us have made beer at home.
And if you ask me, making stuff work or making substantial home parts different shows craftsmanship and accomplishment at ‘maker’ levels! In fact, it can involve advanced skills in controlled demolition/unfinishing that don’t happen in making something new. You have to get the thing undone, but in such a way that you can put it back together & finish the project.

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