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I need major health insurance and have a pre-existing condition?

Asked by cornelas3 (5points) July 11th, 2010

on unemployment and running out

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Have you applied for Medicaid?

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Contact your state’s Department of Insurance to determine if you are eligible for Medicaid or your state’s high-risk insurance pool assuming it has one.

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Welcome to Fluther. Your profile is not up yet so I do not know how old you are. You are the reason we need a robust Public Option like medicare for all or some such. Checking on state insurance is a good idea. Cobra is a joke expensive. Good Luck to you.

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Check it out.

New Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
Under the new law, people who have been denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition and who have been uninsured for at least six months may qualify to buy insurance. Learn more about the plan.

That will help you find a plan. Whether it will be affordable, I don’t know. Please let us know how it goes. I’m curious as to how the new health reform is working.

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In my state:

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan: Pennsylvania

On July 12, eligible residents of Pennsylvania will be able to apply for coverage through the state’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan program run by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

To qualify for coverage:

You must be a citizen or national of the United States or lawfully present in the United States.
You must have been uninsured for at least the last six months before you apply.
You must have had a problem getting insurance due to a pre-existing condition.
The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will cover a broad range of health benefits, including primary and specialty care, hospital care, and prescription drugs. All covered benefits are available for you, even if it’s to treat a pre-existing condition.

Premium: $283.20 per month
Deductible: $1,000 in-network, $10,000 out-of-network
Out of Pocket Limit: $5,000 in-network, $20,000 out-of-network

To learn more about this program, please call 1 (877) 881 6388.

Kind of cool. It goes into effect today!!!

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$1000 deductible – after a $285 a month premium? Seriously? Who, exactly, is that supposed to help?

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s like $4000 a year for covering everything, and $8000 if you max out out of pocket expenses. Health insurance that is worth anything isn’t cheap. Family coverage is around 12K a year for something good. Maybe more.

But yeah, if someone is living on 30k a year, 4K is a massive hit. However, there is probably going to be some subsidies.

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Move to a country with better health care. It’ll probably work out cheaper in the end.

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