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What are the three most valuable pieces of proverbial advice you received from your father?

Asked by SmashTheState (14223points) July 12th, 2010

Mothers are constant streams of information about the practical matters of everyday living, but fathers seem to take a more philosophical view to advice-giving. What three pieces of advice given to you by your father do you consider to have been most valuable in your life?

For me, my list would be:

1) “Son, never pay for sex. There are enough women out that that will sleep with anyone or anything that you’ll never need to pay for it if you want it.” While this is literally true, I’ve also found it useful advice for a lot of other activities. No matter what it is that needs doing, from gardening to painting, I’ve found that someone, somewhere, enjoys doing it for the fun of it and I need not pay someone to assist me.

2) “If people have started to gather and you know there’s going to be a fight, don’t stand around and wait for it, don’t grab the guy and dance with him, just haul off and sucker punch him as hard as you can, right on the button.” Again, while this piece of advice has proven very useful when applied literally, I’ve found that it has application in many other areas of my life. When you know that conflict is inevitable, the proper course of action is to go instantly on the offensive without waiting or warning and land the hardest blow you possibly can before they realize what’s happening.

3) “You don’t have to win every fight, you just have to make sure you get a good one in so they remember you next time.” I lived in a tough neighbourhood, so I often came home with a fat lip or a black eye. My father would ask me, “Did you get a good one in?” If I said no, he’d turn on his heel and say, “Then I have no sympathy,” and walk away. As an activist, this advice has proven indispensable over and over again. The enemies I’m fighting – the police, the State, city council, capitalism – are all massively bigger and stronger than I am, with metric shit-tonnes more resources; but I needn’t defeat them. All I need to do is “get a good one in” and show them that there are easier pickings elsewhere. They think long and hard before picking a fight with me these days.

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Three? That’s kind of hard.
“You don’t have to like everything that happens to you, but you do have to make the best of it.”
“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Dad was a Socialist.
“Have faith in God”.

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My dad was a drunk that talked with his fists and was killed when I was ten. I’m drawing a blank here.

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Go to college, save your money and don’t do that again.

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If you get her pregnant- run. needless to say I didn’t learn anything of value from him

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“Things go back together the exact opposite of the way you take it apart.” After that, not much. He was pretty self-absorbed, and was into his own life. The only other thing I can remember him saying is, when he moved out, “Stop crying. You should be happy that that I’m finally happy.”

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“When you need less, you get more.”

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Don’t judge others, read everything you can get your hands on, and stay curious about life.

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Kick ass and take names.

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I probably got only three pieces of advice from my father. Would I have liked different ones? Yes.

Treat an automobile like a loaded gun (when he taught me how to drive).

Always balance your checkbook to the penny. (Hahaha)

Assume the worst about everyone.

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“If you are correct, stand your ground until hell freezes over”. thats it. only one and that was enough.

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Daddy, Daddy wasn’t there
To take me to the fair
To change my underwear… hoo, fake sobbing!

Yeah, erm….....parents divorced when I was six. Never really saw him after that so, nothing there then.

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1. Use violence to intimidate others.
2. Do as I say, not as I do.
3. Abandon your family when they need you the most.

Of course, I learned all of these by example.

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1. Humour is great to get you through rough times.
2. Don’t hide your feelings or what is going on in your life even if it’s bad. It just leads to Misery, or you could end up drowning your sorrow in other things (alcohol, drugs, food, ect). Don’t be ashamed from your mistakes because everyone makes them
3. Everyone has gone, is going through, or will go through, a rough time in their lives. That doesn’t make them special. What makes them special is how they deal with that situation and weather it makes them stronger or weaker.

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Always treat your car like it’s a loaded weapon.

Lying is as bad as stealing. I will always be more severe with you if you lie than if you tell me the whole truth about what you did.

Never be afraid to express your feelings but always do so with respect for those involved.

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“Don’t do things the way I’ve done”.

“Don’t show all your cards up front”.

“Let people believe what they want (religion) if by that they treat people as best they can”.

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