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How long does it take you to wake up?

Asked by gemiwing (14713points) July 12th, 2010

I’m wondering how far out of the norm I am on this.

From the time I stop sleeping to fully awake takes about an hour or so for me. Plus, about three cups of coffee. That doesn’t always work and I end up falling asleep again because I can’t seem to wake up. Or I sit in a daze for a few hours; slightly swaying back and forth while I sit on the couch. I’ve tried exercising first thing to get the blood moving but I just end up hurting myself or falling over constantly- it’s like having my body on delay. Most of the time is spent blinking and talking in mumbles™ as I try to ignore the aches in my shoulders and neck.

How long does it take you to wake up? What does it feel like?

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How many hours sleep do you get? Are you on any medication?h Drink alcohol before bed?

Try doing a yoga Sun Salutation…when I absolutely have to wake up fast, that does it for me!

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@Cruiser No sleep meds, no alcohol (gave that up) and I get about nine to ten hours of sleep a night. I can do the arm/tree/mountain pose but anything beyond that and I fall over. Think of an inflatable arm monster- then turn off the air. I look like that but more meat-sackish.

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My wife is much like you. About an hour to wake up and she’s a pile of goo.

I’m up and moving in less than five minutes. In the hour she’s coming back to life, I’ve washed, dressed, got my daughter ready, fed the dog, made lunches and am out the door.

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What time do you get up? Doesn’t matter what time I go to bed. Anytime I wake up before 6:30 am, I can’t seem to function without a nap. I find I can survive all day on just 4 hours of sleep so long as I wake up after 7. For some reason, I can’t function before that. I think its just, I actually need the sun to be out to feel awake. I’ve tried going to bed early to wake up by 5. I get up and function but part of my brain is still asleep.
Maybe you need to find out what are your optimal hours and if you can, work with that.

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@Pandora Good point. I find I do better if I wake up around four-thirty/five AM. Anything later than seven just makes it worse.

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Depends. It will take longer time in rainy season since many people feel so peaceful in their slumber at this particular season. Also,if I go to sleep lately at night I will wake up late most of the time. And I don’t want to wake up when I’m experiencing ‘sweet dream’. I work at noon so I don’t have much problem using my time in the morning.

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This morning i feel drugged. I slept so hard. Did not wake up the whole night. Very slow this morning. Will take more than one cup of coffee.

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@SmashTheState Are we ever truly awake?

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I’m not much use to anyone until I’ve had a double espresso. I think some of this is side effect of the antidepressant I’m on. I used to be able to wake instantly with my mind at full speed.

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If I’m having a dream…..I go back to bed. Forget everything else….I’m having a sleep experience.

I dont do much caffeine. so No, @gemiwing . I dont think I’m ever truly awake, unless I’m tryin to go to sleep at night…er, morning. Then I’m a brain mchine.

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@jazmina88 “sleep experience”- I love that. Very awesome way to think about it.

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It used to take me a couple hours. I would get up as soon as the alarm went off, but I was still groggy and mad for at least two hours. I didn’t want anyone to even look at me, much less speak to me until I could gather myself and wake up.

Now that I’ve got kids I’m much better about waking up. I just need about 15 minutes to drink some Diet Dr. Pepper and smoke a cigarette, and I’m pretty good to go. It’s hard to be gripey for two hours when you’ve got kids that need to get ready for school, eat, etc.

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I can get up at a drop of a hat. It’s a handy trait to have when being a farmer. On the flip side, it takes me a little bit of time to get back to sleep when I wake up, so when I get up two or three times a night it can take its toll.

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Shake of the head, quick shuffle of gentleman’s vegetables, take a piss, wash hands, splash face with cold water.Good to go.

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I wake up really easily as long as I haven’t slept for more than 6 hours. Once I pass 6 hours of sleep, I have a harder time getting moving and it takes me about 30 minutes or so to really wake up.

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I get to choose when I go to sleep and when I wake up, so I am always fully rested. I go to sleep when I get sleepy, usually around 2 am and I wake up around Noon. I am immediately awake, and I have no trouble getting out of bed feeling refreshed to face a new, happy day.

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Since I rarely sleep well or long enough, it can take hours to get myself mentally clear enough to function effectively. Even at that my level of functioning is nowhere nearly as good as it was prior to the car crash in which I was disabled.

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@Dr_Lawrence Keep going, Doc, and don’t let your current circumstances stop you.

Me, I sleep like the dead. Waking up for me is usually after about 6-hours, and after a bit of water on the face, the day’s begun. Although today I just got on the computer without the face-splash!

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About 5–10 minutes. If my alarm is set then I usually open my eyes and look around just a few seconds before the annoying little hunk of plastic starting chimming, frantically reach for it and then rush to the shower.

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If I must, I wake and rise immediately. If not, it may take 20–30 minutes from wake to rise.

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I used to hit snooze often….now i dont get up,.

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