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What clothing makes you look most sexy? Most ridiculous?

Asked by wundayatta (58612points) July 12th, 2010

I’ve been testing out different styles of underwear lately, to see which is most comfortable. I tried a new pair on this morning and caught a glance of myself in the mirror and I had to laugh at how ridiculous I looked. Not sexy at all.

But the day before I was wearing a suit. Black because I was going to a memorial service for my mother-in-law, and I decided that I clean up pretty good in a suit. I might not look “hot” (although I felt really overheated due to the weather and lack of air conditioning in the church), but I think I definitely looked distinguished.

What about you?

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I don’t know how I look but I know I feel like a million bucks when I am sporting a layer of sweat and breathing a little heavy.

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Skirts, dressy jeans, cute shirts/blouses and fancy schmancy shoes.

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A well fitted Tux looks great.

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Funny that you ask, i don’t think of myself as looking sexy in certain clothes.
My girlfriend thinks differently, she likes me in semi tight jeans with a white linen shirt and no shoes.
Or no clothes.

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Form-fitting clothing either floor length or way above the knee. Lower necklines. Heels above three inches. Accentuated waists.

I tend to look ridiculous in clown costumes.

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I feel I look best in fitted tops with flowing skirts and sleeves. Kinda like Stevie Nicks’ style.

When wearing a suit, I look like a little girl trying to play dress-up. It really plays up how young my face is.

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Crotchless panties for both. Same reason for both—my balls hang out.

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Sexy : Spongebob underpants. Grrrrrr, down tiger ;¬}
Ridiculous : Cor blimey trousers. They surely do belong in a council flat.

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I loook good in dresses that are tight because then they can show my butt perfectly. Also skinny jeans , not too skinny but fitted ones with a cute top-blouse and hoodies or something like that.

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A suit and at the very least dress shirt, tie and dress slacks makes me feel sexy and silk boxers add to the feel part.

I always feel I look ridiculous wearing these confounded reading glasses I am now a slave to!

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I think I look best in a tailored suit or a sweater dress,ridiculous in trendy clothing.

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I forgot most ridiculous:
As of yesterday that has to be this.

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ummm…best… in shorts, polo shirt, and sneakers! Worst, anything with a tie! Don’t like ties!

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what kind of underwear? Was it tighty whities??

I look ridiculous in my husbands clothes (but they’re oh so comfortable!)
Sexy? I think I can make anything look sexy. I like being comfortable the most, so you just work it.

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@casheroo I refuse to provide any more assistance in the creation of whatever fantasy you were picturing. None, whatsoever! I mean think about it! Do I sound like a person who would wear anything white? No. Don’t answer that question.

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I once wore this outfit, but I was the only one who thought it made me look sexy.

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I love the boots. ^_^

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Sexy?? This is really a reach in my case but I’ll say sandals, a French pedicure, suntanned tootsies and ankle bracelet. LOVE Fr. pedicures and manicures.(lipstick on a pig syndrome)

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@aster, lol at the lipstick on a pig syndrome!!!

I prefer comfortable over sexy. I live in the tropics. I personally think, for women and men alike that healthy and fit is sexy. I find a taut tanned body in casual clothes much more desirable than a made up female in heels and tight skirt or a male in a tux.

But that is just my taste and it is very much influenced by my environment. If I lived in a colder clime, I would probably have a different view.

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I’m beyond an age where any kind of clothing makes me look sexy (if it ever did). I can easily look ridiculous by trying to dress younger than I am.

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Slim skirts hitting just below the knee or mid thigh.
Tailored low neckline shirts
Ankle wrap heels.

Pants with lots of pockets
Dolman sleeved tops
Any shoes with squared or super pointy toes or shoes with chunky thick heels.

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sexy – skirts, t and shorts

ridiculous – suits, and I did them in the 80s, band director style

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I feel sexy when I wear shorts, a tank top, and splashes of mud from playing outside.

Most ridiculous- never gonna happen ;)

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@jonsblond – my kind of wardrobe. And I love pants with lots of pockets, I have lots of stuff to carry!

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I always felt sexy when I was playing volleyball, or working hard in the yard.

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I love how I look if official pencil dresses and I feel very hot and feminine in them too.

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