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What is your worst/best Ann Coulter video or story?

Asked by ipso (4466points) July 14th, 2010

Bring the foible or bring the glory – whatever you’ve got.

A good friend of mine hates Ann Coulter so bad that his face literally turns red and he spits profanities at the very mention of her name. He becomes verklempt, and I can’t get out of him exactly why he hates her. But I respect him, and know since he is so hateful and indignant toward her that there must be something out there really bad-bad. What is it?

As for me, every time I look her up (like 5 times over as many years) I get something rather like this which, to my mind, makes me think she is a anything but a “doll” or “idiot” or whatever.

Hating her party is one thing, but why do so many people hate HER?

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I would say the worst thing she ever did was “endorse” Ron Paul. I think she tried to sabotage his 2012 chances when she did this.

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Perhaps it’s because she frequently goes out of her way to be so very, very unlikable? To paraphrase Mark Twain, I really wouldn’t want to see her die a horrible, fiery death, but reading the obituary describing it would be most entertaining. Also, I ‘m not into loud-mouthed bigots with Adam’s apples bigger than mine.

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Belzer gets it right at the end of the video on your link. She is repugnant.
Her saying the 9/11 widows enjoyed their husbands deaths was the final blow when I decided her assassination was justified.

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Ann Coulter really has nothing going for her other than her insulting self-righteous behavior. I can’t really spend time watching her videos because she only seems to appeal to those people that have strong sociopath tendencies. She is therefore very popular on Fox News.

She, like Sara Palin say whatever is necessary to make money, a true media whore that is famous for being famous. She is like an evil version of Paris Hilton on a starvation diet.

Maybe Coulter would be kinder or gentler if she just ate a sandwich. The only thing that you can say about her and her writings is that she is universally and repeatedly wrong on any subject she chooses.

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About 9 or so years ago Katie Couric ripped that thing a new asshole when she was interviewed on the Today show. I loved it. I wish I could find it on YouTube.

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“I’m a Christian first, and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it.” – Ann Coulter

What a strange woman. If anything she seems to be a readily confessed troll.
I don’t know why, but for some reason I can’t say I dislike her, not in the way the ilk of Fred Phelps or Kent Hovind can rile me up. I also don’t take a word she says seriously enough to get angry about it, I suppose that helps.

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What really bothers me is that she gets air time on CNN or MSNBC as if she were a normal person. That is shameful on the part of the producers.

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Thanks all.

@tinyfaeryThis may be it. In any case, it is the best job I have seen yet in shutting her down.

@filmfann is certainly not alone in thinking her demise is justified. I wish I could find the “smoking gun” video of her incompetence.

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If John Kerry had a dollar for every time he bragged about serving in Vietnam – oh wait, he does.
– Ann Coulter

There was a roomer going around last year, that she was a Transsexual. I came across a few stories “confirming” that.

I remember telling my dad. (He loves her) The look of disappointment and disbelief.
A Kodak moment.

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Unfortunately YouTube isn’t working and this crappy clip is all that I could find (link), but I am a Coulter hater and loved it when Adam Carolla dropped her from his show.

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I don’t understand why anyone would even think of her without prompting.

It’s as if Fox News anointed an 11 year old child who wrote a few political articles,
and suddenly everyone treats him with credibility.

She has zero credibility. By her own proud admission, she basis her
arguments on “schoolyard taunts” <—her words

Why would any self respecting adult even bother with her?

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Because she is such a naughty girl.

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I think she is rude and doing what she does best to earn a whole lotta money. Crazy like a fox.

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Or, in this case, crazy like a FOX (News).

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She is an entertainer, she makes a lot of money stirring the pot and pissing people off, it’s her job. Not a job I would ever want any part of but I guess some people don’t mind being rude.

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