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Is Mickey Mouse spectacularly overrated?

Asked by ucme (50034points) July 14th, 2010

I love cartoons always have, sure tastes fluctuate throughout the years. From childhood to the present day i’ve enjoyed many different characters, too many to mention. But Mickey? Never got him at all, I mean Pluto yeah, Goofy maybe. Hell I even had a soft spot for Donald Duck. So yeah in the hall of fame for the elite of the cartoon world, where would you place said rodent?

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Are you serious?

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Meh… Mickey isn’t even on my list. He’s scurrying under my radar.

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I totally agree.
Never had a thing for him, or his wife.
The hall of fame for cartoon characters…., i’m afraid he would have to stay outside of the hall.
Donald sucks too. ~

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Bugs Bunny forever!

I’m pretty certain the Warner Bros. characters could handily wipe the floor with the Disney characters.

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In his time, MM was one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable cartoon charcter. But with TV, the Internet, anime, special effect movies, comic heros on the screen, etc., it’s not that time anymore. Still, I give him a high three!

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For Mickey it’s all about the old cartoons, like “Steamboat Willie” and “When The Cat’s Away”.

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Master Splinter would kick his ass. Ahem. I think Mickey is regarded as an iconic figure in cartoons, and rightfully so as I think he was pretty revolutionary at the time. I don’t think he’s overrated per se, but granted he doesn’t seem very fantastic these days, what with the slew of cartoons that came out between then and now and how much it all changed.

Of course stuff like Mickey Mouse, back when it made its start I suppose, was fueled by the idea of wonder and magic…maybe if I was 20 years younger my answer would be totally different.

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Probably would not be very many cartoon characters if MM had not arrived on the scene. Sort of like the Beatles. Without them, guitar- bass-drum bands might have always stayed in the garage. No way to over rate Mickey Mouse.

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My son seems to like the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The voice is so annoying to me though.

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Well, yes and no. It’s all a matter of opinion, like anything else. He’s sort of like the The Beatles of the cartoon world. He set many standards and paved many roads, and while certainly great, may not be the first or “the best ever.” The biggest reason these icons are thought to be so spectacular is that they are beloved. Many people, myself included, are sentimental enough to appreciate originals a little more. There’s something pure about the oldies. Even if that purity is racist and low-budget. :/


I have always liked Mickey Mouse because he has a good moral character and personality, but personally, I like Winnie the Pooh more because he’s cuter. Lol.

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Donald Duck is the man uhh… duck!

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Wiley E. Coyote is the man er, the coyote. My personal favorite. beep beep.

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Rocket J. is the man uh…squirrel!

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Betty Boop is the man er, the woman!

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Just as Lucille Ball or Ernie Kovaks or Milton Berle couldn’t helm a hit television show today, Mickey is out of date and style, but these giants of their industries were incredibly huge when the mediums were new. You cannot compare them to what we see today. You can only remember that they are largely responsible for the sucess of their mediums.

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Is there a cartoon character that is more deserving of the #1 spot than Mickey Mouse? And this is coming from die-hard Peanuts fan.

I know a joke about Mickey Mouse, but it has an offensive word in it. Dare I post it here?

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I remember the legacy and appreciate the moving forward, not a fan of the mouse.

Popeye is the Sailor Man!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Go for it, sez I!

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I like watching his current TV show with my Grandkids. I always love everything Disney when I was a kid.

My personal preferences rarely coincide with others here on Fluther.

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I like Mickey and I certainly did as a little kid. As my mom would say: “he’s darling”. (My mom has an extensive Mickey collection).

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@jjmah Rarely so, more childish than anything else.I do however have my moments.

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Mickey Mouse was great in the early days of Disney. But, since they slapped his face on everything it’s become less of a cartoon image and more of a marketing tool. The same with Hannah Montana.

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@ucme granted permission to post the joke, so here it is:

Chaos breaks out in the the courtroom, and the judge raps his gavel and calls out, “ORDER IN THE COURT!”

“Now Mickey, let me get this straight. You want to divorce Minnie Mouse because she is mentally insane?”, the judge asks.

“No”, replies Mickey Mouse. “I want a divorce because she’s f*cking Goofy!”

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@Pied_Pfeffer: LOLFR. Thanks for my first laugh of the day.

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If anything Mickey Mouse represents all that is evil with modern day copyright issues. He should have been in public domain by now, but thanks to Disney’s lobbying the copyright time period was once again extended. That said, I absolutely love South Park’s portrayal of the evil Mickey Mouse in their recent seasons!

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Another Warner Bros fan here, but I respect that Mickey was the first superstar of American animation. I always thought his stuff was dull, even Fantasia, in that Mickey as a character is dull.

I have been fascinated lately by some of the earliest animation films, specifically, the works of Émile Reynaud (Pauvre Pierre (1892)) and Émile Cohl (Fantasmagorie (1908), The Hasher’s Delirium (1910))

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In America that seems to be the case and at the same time Asterix and Obelix are totally underrated ;-)

Many years ago we actually met a mother who didn’t want her kids to enjoy the French comic book because of the drinking in it. She had no problem with guns and killings being part of comic books though.

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