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What is the name of the chefs that use knives to chop food (and sometimes cook) in front of people in typically Asian restaurants?

Asked by roysters5 (64points) July 14th, 2010

I was just wondering if they had a specific name.

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Ginsu chef?

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I thought they were called “chefs.” I guess they could be teppanyaki chefs, since they use that flat griddle thing.

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Hibachi mavens?

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Panda Express.

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Good practicers?

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@wgallios Unless they do a comedic show. Then they are known as Benihahanas.

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@mrentropy er I think I meant that one thank you.

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Santoku knife. I use it all the time. All purpose in the kitchen. A little heavy.

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Benihana (the original restaurant to use them, I believe) refers to them simply as “chef”.

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Well, I think technically it might be teppanyaki, but we commonly call it Hibatchi in America. Um, but that is the type of cooking, you are asking about the chef. I don’t think Benihana means chef, I put chef in an online English-Japanese dictionary and chef came up with itamae or shefu.

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Ignore Josie’s answer. I thought the question was about knives. Come to think of it, you probably ignored it anyway.

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The cooking and eating surface is called a teppanyaki or teppan table and the chef is called a teppanyaki chef.

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