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Have you ever won a prize?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27496points) July 15th, 2010

Be it a trophy or medal in a sports contest, academics-related, raffle, lottery, etc.:
*What was the contest?
*What was the prize?
*Where is that prize today?

Note: Auctions don’t count. I once told a friend that I “won” something on e-Bay. His response – “Isn’t that a euphemism for ‘paying’?” (He is right.)

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Gosh yes. I won prizes at a LOT of birthday parties.

I took first place in a horse show once. (Yes, I had a HORSE to show! I wasn’t there by myself!) I have also taken 2nd, 3rd and 4th in horse shows. However, I must be honest…these were teeny-tiny horse shows and they only had 1, 2, 3 or 4 entries! :) They made fun of my horse!

I took 1st place in high jump in 6th grade.

No clue what happened to those prizes.

Note: and it’s a good thing you can’t count auctions ‘cause I’d be here all day!!!

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Very proud of winning the club championship. Golf has provided a lot of pleasure in my life. Also, won two other championships. Have three beautiful trophies in my home.

Won one door prize…a great grill. Won it at a golf tournament.

Oh, over the years, hit one jackpot at a casino….$2500 Played red, white, and blue on the Fourth of July!

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I got a medal for the 6400m relay in track during high school, and got my numerals for the same sport. Got my varsity academic competition letter in Forensics. Got a couple of medals for footy, too (left striker). And a chevron for something. I forgot for what now. I still have them all.

Got my honor roll certificates from 8–12th grades, student council awards, math team award, spelling bee champ of my region at 11, forensics and debate blue ribbons. Still have these.

Won tickets off a radio show to see The Monkees at 17 during their 20th anniversary revival (and I got to dance onstage with Micky). I lost the stub in college. :(

Won $100 bucks off a lottery ticket given me for my birthday a few years back. Spent it, of course!

Won on a raffle night last October 4 times in a row: a really good bottle of wine, museum trip, $100 restaurant gift certificate and a matted (but not framed) print. Still have the print, the rest has been consumed.

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I’ve won alot of awards for my artwork and Halloween costume :)

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oh, @aprilsimnel reminded me of others…won the high jump and broad jump several times and received ribbons. Was All-State in basketball….MVP trophy etc. Most proud of my sophomore year received all conference trophy. Won a four year scholarship in basketball. (everything paid for…books, tuition, room and board, and got 15$ a month for laundry money…back then, that came in real handy)

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In middle school I won 3rd place at the science fair. In high school, I won a whole bunch of great prizes for doing cancer research. In college, I won prizes associated with lgbt activism (gotta tell you, winning a gift card to toysandbabeland was awesome).

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I built a Tin-man costume that is exact to the one in the movie that wins me every Halloween contest I ever entered. Been 15 years since I’ve worn it though. Made me some good spending money there when I did. Made me pretty popular for the night too as everybody wanted to pose with the Tin Man! My ex hated that part of the night, I loved it!

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2nd place in summercamp’s table tennis competition. I got some yellow piece of paper where it was printed on.

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I won a snare drum!!!! do not lend anything to a drummer.

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I won a gold medal for a sprint when I was in 2nd or 3rd class. I have no idea where the medal is now – long gone I’d imagine. I’ve only just remembered this. I won 100euro voucher for some accessory shop a few years ago.

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I wish. Fourth National Place in a Beautiful Child contest in Philadelphia at 12. wooooowww Zilch academically, zero in sports .
Oh; First Prize for “Drunk Most Often” in high school.
@aprilsimnel I went to high school with the Monkee’s Mike Nesmith.

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@Aster Michael Nesmith?? I’m sorry. He was the fuddy dud of the band! Too bad you didn’t go to school with Davy Jones!

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@Aster- Excuse me.



I love Mike. I thought he was a handsome young man, and I’m sure he’s still the same smart and witty guy. I was bummed to realize that he was old enough to be my father when the reruns were on MTV.

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Several boxes of them mouldering in a closet. Academics, shooting, skiing and various military trivia.

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I never saw Mike say a word to anyone, looked like a deadhead, yes, but he was not in any of my classes. I noticed he is now a friend of…......JIMMY BUFFETT.
He looked cute on tv too. He sure wasn’t cute in HS.

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I won my college education.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard What…like in a card game? You’ll have to explain that one.

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Even as a kid, I kind of had a hard time reconciling MN with being the silly, goofy character that he was on the show, and him being a dad! My dad was all straight laced serious corporate. (From the git go I’ve gotten a kick when I win the Davey Jones award here! It wouldn’t be so cool if it was the Peter Tork award, or the Micky Dolenze award, would it!)

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I have three 1st place trophies, one 2nd place trophy and one 3rd place trophy and several medals from various karate competitions.

I won a PS3 for being top seller at my old promotional company.

And in elementary school for three years in a row, I won the annual walk-a-thon fundraising competition by always raising the most money for the school.

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@aster Deadheads need love too…...:):)

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@Pied_Pfeffer I was awarded a full four-year academic scholarship. I was one of two people who won it out of 1200 total students. I guess I didn’t technically “win” it, but whatever.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You earned that, and I beg of you not to ever think of it as something you won.

And now that I think about it, the same goes for those of you who have earned a trophy, medal, ribbon, or slip of paper. (Time to go think through the original question.)

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@Pied_Pfeffer GA. He did indeed earn it (and bravo to @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard)! but anything that is “won” is worked for. That’s a major accomplishment though. Can’t really compare it to 6th grade high jump champ! (Tether ball champ too.:)

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As a senior in high school I was one of three New England winners in an essay contest that earned me a four-year scholarship to college.

I won a raffle at a Buddhist dinner and brought home an ink painting of Bodhidharma that still hangs in my living room.

I’ve received a number of small prizes for writing, and the awards are stacked on my bookcase. The one that stands up on display is first place for short story in a writers’ conference contest. This year I’ll be a judge in the same contest.

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@Pied_Pfeffer and @Dutchess_III, thanks alot guys. I always thought of it as “earning” too, but everyone around me always used (and still uses) the word “won” so I guess the feeling just stuck.

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My apologies to all. Every one of these posts tell a story of participating in a competition and earning the prize. Even those of us who bid in auctions had to do some work in order to achieve the goal. Another Fluther lesson learned.

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I won a pie-baking contest that two caterers had also entered. The only down side is now everyone expects me to make that pie all of the time and it is tedious to make.

@Jeruba – congratulations on your scholarship and other prizes. I always love to read your answers because they are so meaningful and well written.

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I have won a couple of small items in charity raffles, but most of my prizes have been in competitions against other participants, such as art work and costume designs.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I had to hit a lady over the head with a stuffed bear once at an auction to win the thing we were both bidding on. Auctions are dangerous places, man!

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Lol…great sharings!

I won a white rat with a cage in a tap dancing contest when I was 8.
‘Igor’ is loooong dead, shelf life of that prize expired in about 2 years. haha

I won a ribbon in a community dog show for ‘loudest dog’ with my crazy hound some years ago.

And, not really a prize but…was given a citizens commendation award last year with a banquet and a framed plaque from my country sheriffs dept. for the gesture for rescuing a little boy from his drugged out driving mom on the highway.

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@Coloma What happened? With the kid???

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I was behind a woman on the highway that was driving erratically, I kept way back as I feared she would cause a head on collision as she was all over the both sides of the road.

I have never been so scared in my life!

When I came around a bend in the road she had pulled over and I came upon her just as a little boy jumped from the car!

I pulled over and asked the little boy if he was alright, and he said his mom was scaring him.

I took him by the hand and led him up a hill and told him to hold onto the fence and wait for me.

The mom was just sitting in the car looking wasted, on something.

I asked her if she had been drinking and she said she was sick, she needed to get to a pharmacy.

I asked her to give me her keys and I would take her wherever she needed to go.

She pulled back out onto the highway and almost caused an accident doing a U-turn in front of a moterhome and then stopped and screamed at me to give her back her son.

She then just drove away!

I didn’r have cell reception on that stretch of road so I walked up a driveway to a horse boarding facility and used ther phone to call the police.

Waited an hour and a half for the sheriff , the little boy was a real trooper, boarders at the stable were havng a horse shoeing day and the boy was kept engaged by all the activity and horses, everyone was so great!

Sheriff finally took the child and I later learned he was turned over to the dad who was very grateful for my intervention.

The mom had drug issues and turns out she went home, fell asleep and when the 15 yr. old sister came home and couldn’t find her brother the mom out the daughter in the car and was out looking for the boy whom she had no memory of ‘losing.’!!!

The sheriff picked her up while aimlessly driving around based on my discription of the vehicle.

Crazy..I so hope the mom got some help.

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Jebus. How horrible tragic, @Coloma. My heart just breaks for kids that have to go through that. I hope they spay her and throw her in jail…..

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@Ducthess was sad, and the saddest part was the child just sort of took it stride, like he was used to living with a crazy mom.

It was also really scary, I thought the woman was gong to run me down with her car!

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