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Where can I buy chestnuts?

Asked by espearite (278points) July 16th, 2010

I have heard chestnuts keep spiders away but I was told they are not in season right now (only winter months). Still, there has to be a place to buy them here in the states. If someone knows, can you recommend a good place? Or if not, is there a less expensive alternative to buying the chest nuts from another country? I am open to other suggestions on keeping the bugs/insects away from the house, spiders esp. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You can buy chestnuts in most health food stores, and the bulk nut section of your large grocery.

Other remedies include sprinkling baking soda or Borax where ever the spiders are or use crumbled Eucalyptus leaves – replace every three months or so, or spray lemon concentrate. They hate lemon.

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What do you do with the chestnuts to keep spiders away? I have a large chestnut tree in my backyard.

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Thanks YarnLady, I will give those a try. :)

@ kwhull: I was told to put chestnuts in the windowsills or wherever they are found in the house such as in a corner where openings are, i.e. sliding glass doors, near fireplaces, etc. I don’t think you crack them, just leave them in the shell.

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P.S. Kwhull, you are so lucky!

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@espearite Are you in the United States? If so, there are these devices you can buy at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. that plug into your wall outlets that emit a very high frequency noise that is undetectable to the human ear, but that bugs such as spiders, flies, ants, and also mice can’t stand. They will not come in your home with these devices plugged in.
I think I bought a pack of 4 for around $20.00 (in the garden section) and I hardly ever see a bug in my house.
There is a warning on the package that a dog or cat may be able to hear this noise, but my dog has never acted like she has. However, a friend of mine brought her dog over and it went right to the device, so apparently, that dog could hear it.

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There is a great spider spray by the name Hot Shot Spider Killer. It is not natural of course but it works GREAT. Here in Oklahoma we have black widows and brown recluses. They are everywhere. The Brown Recluses are very bold, they will walk over you. I have been bitten two times and nearly lost a finger. The joint bones were exposed for several months. I use the spray around the baseboards, under beds, in closets, and window sills and it lasts months.
I live on a farm so chestnuts would bring the mice in.

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