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How can I edit my homepage on WordPress?

Asked by Pixilated (22points) July 16th, 2010

Is there anyway to edit this page?

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Can you link to what you want to edit? Some details would be nice.

Wordpress is modular. It takes a lot of stuff to build the frontpage.

style.css <—Use this if you just want to change colors.

Most of these are called when your page is viewed.

So it is a bit impossible to help without more info.

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@Pixilated I found this link through

Part of the text is this:

“If anyones having the same issue you do the following:

Settings > Reading > Front page displays (edit this)

This is for WP v3.0 :

Hope that helps.

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@Andreas :: That only lets you change what page is displayed first. Here is what mine looks like. So I could use it to display the about page when a person views the homepage then I could make it so a tab in the navigation goes to the blog. That is all you can do with it.

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@johnpowell I haven’t got a WP blog at the moment, so I had to rely on Google. I am wrong in my answer. Thank you.

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@Andreas :: no worries.

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Thanks, everyone!

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