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If you could afford the price, would you pay $100.00 per shirt and slacks or skirt to have them custom sewn and tailored to your body?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22627points) July 18th, 2010

Would you do it for the polished look, to have better quality fabrics to choose from, how about the convenience of not having to shop all over and then go to alterations?

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If I could afford it, I would do it. I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit my body. I usually have to make some kind of sacrifice with my clothing (the top part of the shirt will be too big so that the bottom will fit over my hips or my pants will be too long because I’m too short and my hips are too wide for petite sizes). I usually end up doing some alterations or settling for clothes that could look better if they fit properly.

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Yes and I have. Bespoke shoes were my personal favourite. While the initial outlay is massive if you choose the style wisely they will last for years. For example the first off the peg suit I bought cost £100 and stayed looking good for about 6 months and was basically unwearable after a year. The first bespoke suit I purchased cost around £1500, it was worn as much and still looks good 20 years later, so on a cost per year comparison the cheap suit works out more expensive.

One of the few things I miss since I quit futures and became a nurse

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Gadzook! Maybe in rare, rare cases I would, but basically I would buy what I always have, or shop pretty much where I do now. Only if the quality warranted it would I spend that type pf money on shirts shoes and slacks. To spend that money just because some celeb’s name was on it makes me want to buy it even less.

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Yes. Most retail off-the-rack clothing has to be altered for me, anyway.

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I would do it for myself if I were working where I wear suits again because I miss the simplicity of grabbing anything out of the closet and knowing it’s going to fit like a dream and all I have to do is choose colors and accessories. I would do it for my partner for the same reasons.

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Yes. It provides employment for highly skilled workers. Also my body is not an off the rack shape~!

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I don’t mean to be argumentative, @Neizvestnaya, just curious: how is this question different from “If you could afford the price, would you pay $1000.00…?” If you could afford the price, doesn’t that make the price academic? Is the question really whether you would like to have custom-tailored clothing?

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@Jeruba- I mentioned the price only because I know that’s a real going price charged by a man who makes shirts and slacks for our sales teams. I might have better worded my question to be “Would you spend $100.00 for…” to see if people thought that was over the top or not, I dunno.

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For $100 I would definitely. Rarely does something fit me off the rack. My hip-waist ratio is too great.

When I do find something that fits like a glove I tend to wear it for years and years.

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There’s not much that can be done to improve the appearance of a muumuu.

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@ratboy- Agreed! That’s one reason I pined away to go live and work on one of the Hawaiian islands so I could wear gauzy shifts and open sandals all day.

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Absolutely! Having one or two tailored shirt and slacks is worth the added expense. Life is too short to not look your best at least now and then! Nothing looks or feels like fitted clothes!!

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Of course!I had a very good tailor but she moved.They are hard to find.A good one can make anything look great :)

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No, I’m totally clueless when it come to clothes, and I hate tight fitting clothes.

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I’ve had to do this all my adult life. All uniforms and civvies have to be tailored. Even clothing from the “big and tall” shops doesn’t fit correctly. I hate tight fitting or tent-like clothing, wrong sleeve and inseam lengths, tight or loose collars. About the only things I don’t have custom-made are briefs, t-shirts, socks and boots.

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Where I live a bespoke shirt costs far more than $100. So if I could get it for that cheap, I would.

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I would love to have clothes that fit properly. I have a big butt and a smaller waist. So, I always have to wear a belt to keep my pants up. It’s annoying. I am smaller on top, so I have to buy shirts that are too big thru the boobs, to accommodate my butt/hip problem. I’m 5’6”, which I think is pretty average, but a lot of pants I find are too short. I like my pants to cover my shoes. So yeah, if money was no object, I’d pay just about anything to have clothes that fit right!

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Nah…but it sure helps that my husband and aunt can sew.

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Yes. Being 5 ft tall and busty, I sometimes have to settle for either paying for something I really want to get tailored and I always have to hem my trousers anyway. Most of the time I just settle for something close to what I want because it may be the only thing to fit right at the time I’ve gone shopping and I got tired of going to 10 to 20 stores to find one item that fits right.
Hell, if I could afford it, I would find an excelllent tailor and show them pictures of clothing I want to have and have it tailored made just to forgo the dreaded shopping experience.

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Heck yes I would. I’m rather short and a bit portly and it’s hard to get shirts and suits to fit properly, especially nowadays it seems that all menswear is now “slim fit” and all men are supposed to be skinny (problems with media image and body shape isn’t exclusively a womens’ issue). So I need clothes that are slightly larger around the waist in comparison to the chest size, and with slightly shorter sleeves.

Pants I don’t have a problem with, I can get them off the peg and they fit fine, but I would pay $100 (about £60) for a perfectly tailored dress shirt if I could afford it. Although actually it’s not that expensive – there’s a company in London that does made-to measure shirts for half that price – you just send them your measurements and they make the shirt to fit. Their suits are way out of my budget though.

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@Pandora- I’m 5’2” and skinny with longer limbs than body so shopping and fitting clothes is a pain and often disappointing so much so that I avoid slacks and go for skirts or dresses if possible.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir- I am so fortunate my mother is excellent with alterations. As long as I buy something that lines up with my shoulders or around my waist then she can pretty much bring the rest in to fit nicely. This has come in handy when bargain shopping.

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If it was a cute shirt I would pay $100 for it not to be XD

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