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Can you do anything with cottage cheese besides eat it plain?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) July 19th, 2010

A while back someone asked a question about asking questions. I used an example about asking a question about cottage cheese and if could be used for anything besides eating plain.

For some reason this stuck with me so I did some searching and it turns out the only “recipes” I could find with cottage cheese involved nothing more than putting fruit or vegetables in it.

So, is there any kind of cooking you can do with cottage cheese? Or is it really just something that you eat plain, except maybe with pineapple chunks thrown in?

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I like it with peaches or mandarin oranges (from a can) or any other juicy fruit.

I also make an artichoke sauce for spaghetti using cottage cheese. I figure it was probably ricotta originally, and someone changed it because American supermarkets may not have carried ricotta in those days.

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Add canned pineapple.on top.

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You can patch drywall with it right?;)

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@wundayatta Really? Can you share the recipe for that artichoke sauce?

It’s been a while since I’ve had ricotta cheese plain, but I remember it being kind of sweet. Cottage cheese, to me, tastes saltier. But would it be somewhat agreeable to replace ricotta with cottage in many recipes?

@lucillelucillelucille I suppose so. You’d probably need the BIG curds for that :)

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I think you can make cheesecake with it. Not the sweet kind that uses cream cheese, but the more savory cheesecake… my great-grandmother made hers with ricotta I believe.

here is one recipe I found.

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Yes. You can give it to your pets,they love it. I don’t eat cheese anyway.

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some people swap it out in place of ricotta for recipes

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I like the answers above and also like to put salt and pepper on mine and eat with celery. YUM!

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I’m sure i made a cheese cake type thingy with it once.

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I like black pepper on cottage cheese.

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@poofandmook You know, I did a general search and never even thought to look at recipe sights. Big “duh” to me. Thanks for the link, I will be a-looking at that one.

@worriedguy I like cheese blintzes, too. I never knew they used cottage cheese. Huh.

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I think you can spread some on low GI bread as well with sliced tomato and little bit of salt and some alfalfa sprouts, for a heathy lunch.

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Yup – in the cheese blintzes. Cottage cheese, eggs, salt and sometimes a little sugar make up the usual cheese filling. I used to make them from scratch, then I found the cheese tasted a lot better.

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Well, I’m glad to see this cheese isn’t as hapless as I thought.

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Big holes,big curds.
Small holes,small curds.
It’s pretty much the law of drywall patching.gosh

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Apple-cottage-cheese pancakes!! Delish!!

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Try a scoop or two on a baked potato in which you’ve mixed butter and grated cheese, chives and
a bit of sour cream.

It’s also good mixed with cucumber and raddish slices and sour cream. (My dad LOVED this.)

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Well, I’ve got a lot of things to try.

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Oh yes, and as someone above said, mixed with some kinds of fruit like sliced peaches, pears or apricots… DELICIOUS!

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My mom has several different jello salad type recipes that use cottage cheese. My favorite has cool whip, pistachio pudding, pineapple and cottage cheese. YUM. I also use it in lasagna.

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strawberries, pineapple, pepper, carrots, canteloupe

i love cottage cheese

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Anybody say lasagna? @knitfroggy that cottage cheese in jello has GOT to be a Kansas thing, because it’s GROSS!!

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I may try it in lasagna for a hoot.

I would think the Jell-O and cottage cheese is just Jell-O with cottage cheese on top?

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I like it on a green salad. Lettuce, green pepper, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, croutons if you like and top it with a sweet & spice french dressing. Yum!

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@Dutchess_III It must be. But I love it!

@mrentropy I guess I should have specified my moms salads are Jello pudding. And you mix the dry powder with the cool whip and pineapple and stir in the cottage cheese. It really is wonderful.

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Beat two raw eggs with a fork, add a drop of water and a T. of cottage cheese, mix well and microwave for two minutes or so. Stir at the halfway mark.

High protein, no fat, no pots to wash, quick and portable.

I eat it in the summer for breakfast with some sort of fresh berries or peaches, a little cinnamon, ground flax seed. a sprinkle of oat bran and some sunflower seeds.

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Inside of crepes
Mixed with scrambled eggs
In tuna salad mix for crackers, sandwiches and stuffing bell peppers
Tossed with marinara and pasta
Layered in lasagna
Mixed into tuna casserole
As a top layer of baked macaroni & cheese with ham chunks
Blended up in fruit smoothies
Pureed with herbs & spices for crackers or bread spread

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A friend of mine puts it in her meatloaf.

For me, take a container of cottage cheese, a similar size container of Cool Whip, a large box of sugar free Jello Orange, and a small can of Mandarin Oranges. Mix it together.
Very quickly, you have made a fabulous side dish. A Jello Cloud.

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Add cinnamon, sweetener, raisins, fibre one cereal and mix it up and eat as a tasty breakfast.

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@gailcalled: never did have very good luck microwaving eggs.

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You have to check every minute; remove and push solid material to center of plate so runny stuff is on the outside. It certainly is not the same as scrambling eggs with butter in a frying pan. But it’s not bad.

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You can stuff ravioli or perogies with cottage cheese. Personally I like ricotta cheese better for this.

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When I make lasagna from scratch, I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta. It keeps the lasagna more moist, and IMO tastes better. My favorite way to eat it is sprinkled with pepper and sunflower seeds.

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Why didn’t I think of verenika? It’s an awesome German dish. I bet @Dutchess_III has had it.

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It also works well as a cream cheese substitute on a bagel or piece of toast. You can add jelly if you want.

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I think some of my co-workers make their thighs with it. Well, at least it looks like it.

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Put pepper and salt in I guess. I usually eat it that way.

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My wifes family makes a shrimp dip with it. Mix cottage cheese, one or two cans of small shrimp (drained), salt, pepper, and ,I believe, sour cream. It is great with ruffles etc. Sounds weird, but tastes delicious.

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You can make a great casserole dish where you cook potatoes (chop into one-inch cubes and boil them), then mix the potato cubes in a baking dish with cottage cheese, a little sour cream, fresh chopped garlic, chives, salt and pepper, and some shredded cheddar cheese. then top the whole thing with shredded cheddar cheese and some paprika. Bake it in the oven for 20–30 minutes till it’s all melted. It’s delicious- kind of tastes like a cheesy baked potato but in a casserole. Especially yummy for a cold winter day.

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Also, I know this sounds a little weird, but you can put it on top of french toast.

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A case of the coughs can be often cured if you eat one cup of cottage cheese with one tablespoon of flax oil on top of it. And it doesn’t taste bad.

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@knitfroggy I’ve never had verenika. You’re closer to the buggy people than I am! Go see if they have any!

Also, @knitfroggy, I can de-stroy your love of cottage cheese in jello simply by telling you what it reminds me of! So I won’t. Unless you ask.

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@Dutchess_III You don’t know what you are missing! Verenika is awesome! I grew up on that stuff! I don’t want to lose my love of cottage cheese. I eat it almost everyday. Sometimes with salt and pepper, sometimes with fruit.

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@knitfroggy I looked at your Verenika link…..THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! OMG!! It looks like a fresh intestine oozing what a fresh intestine oozes! I almost frew up my Cheerios! If I come visit you, I’ll take you to Montana Mikes, my treat. OK???

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@Dutchess_III I guess it’s an acquired tastes. I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with cottage cheese dumplings and white gravy with ham in my opinion!

Montana Mike’s is great!!

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@knitfroggy It sounds good but….look at the picture!

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@Dutchess_III Well, that picture doesn’t look very good, I will agree. If you ever want to come to the Mennonite Relief Auction in April some year, we could have some Verenika that is right! Do you come to the Fair in September?

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Yeah… I’m with @Dutchess_III on the Verenika picture… It may taste really great, but there’s something weird looking about it.

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I feel the same way about Montreal poutine*; it looks weird and I can’t believe it tastes great.

*French fries, curds and gravy

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can try deep-fried cheese curds all by itself

Dutchess_III's avatar

@knitfroggy Haven’t been the state fair in years….but maybe this year! Remind me about the Mennonite Relief Auction next year. Rick and I are auction fools! Do they auction their horses and buggies and their “Slow Moving Vehicle” signs and stuff?

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@gailcalled: That looks heinous and wonderful all at the same time.

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@gailcalled (curds, not turds, right??) What kind of cheese is it?
I make a to-die-for French onion soup. It winds up looking all grey and kinda slimy, because you cut up French bread and submerse it then cook it for 9 -12 hours, but it is addicting….

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When you sour milk, there are the solids (curds) and the liquids (whey).

More than you want to know

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@gailcalled I see. I assumed it was cheese curds which I love.

Per link…that’ll curdle your stomach!

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@gailcalled I’d give it a try, even if it is ugly.

@Dutchess_III They don’t auction buggies that I know of, but they do auction beautiful quilts and stuff. They also have baked goods etc. It’s a good time.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@knitfroggy I LOVE quilts! Please remind me next spring!!
I’ll bet they auction off cinnamon rolls too.

Hey! Do you know what goes “Clip clop, clip clop, bang bang! Clipclop, clipclop!” ?

knitfroggy's avatar

@Dutchess_III A Drive by shooting in YODER! hahahaha

Dutchess_III's avatar

@knitfroggy Damn! Alright then! What’s the easiest town in Kansas to get lost in? (My son made this up…)

knitfroggy's avatar

@Dutchess_III Ok, I’ll bite…What IS the easiest town in Kansas to get lost in?

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…the suspense is killing me.. lol

Dutchess_III's avatar

Maize! Ya @christine215 you’d have to live in Kansas. WAY inside joke!...Um, we better stop now, and get back to talking about cottage cheese. :)

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Mix it with eggs and a bit of cinnamon and sugar and use it as a filling for blintzes.

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I also pour peaches or pears over it for a desert. With the juice it is great.

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