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Can The Collective help me find the value (if any) of these old records?

Asked by SuperMouse (30801points) July 20th, 2010

My sister gave me a box full of old records. When I say old, I mean that most of them are made for a Victrola. They are at least an eighth of an inch thick, have the name Edison on them with a picture of Mr. Edison himself. They have no RPM information, just the name of the songs and a couple of serial number type things. I want to find out if they are of any value, but I am not sure where to start my research, my old stand by – ebay – didn’t help a whole lot. Where can I turn? See how I did that, they are records and I asked where to “turn”?

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You are sitting on a goldmine if those things are in mint or good condition. Take yourself to an antique store and act like you know what they are worth.
Without seeing them it’s a little hard to judge.
this link will answer questions about your records

here is the link for an online appraisal

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looks like they were made 1910s or 20s…some are sold for 2 for $10.

78s…..played with horns…...

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@jazmina88 where are you seeing photos of these records?

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I can take pictures of some of them. There are 21 of the thicker ones and about 5 of the thinner. Some of them have their original packaging but it is pretty ripped.

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Be careful of them. They are old clay-based records and break easily.

You might want to get them copied before you sell them. [I have a turntable that actually has a 78 speed on it and I am sure that you can find a data-conversion company that will have the same]

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Your best option is to take them into an antique store. Some may or may not be able to help you. At most, they can at least tell you where to go. I’d avoid going to pawn shops, most likely they’ll try and rip you off, not giving you full price.

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