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Do you include a personal message when you send a friend request on Facebook? And, is it just me, or this feature is sort of broken?

Asked by rexpresso (922points) July 21st, 2010

First of all I want to ask if you also have this experience… When I add people, I usually write a text in addition to the basic friend request… but strangely enough, I never get that text when people add me… and I don’t believe nobody writes when they friend request me. Actually I remember in the past the message was displayed next to the friend request when you could accept or ignore… so, from your experience, is this broken these days? Has Facebook been letting friend request messages go inside a black hole?

Also, I am setting this question to the “social section”, so you can also chime in if you want to give your opinion on these messages… me personally I am sorry that the functionality seems to be broken, because I like the added uniqueness that one can add with a simple message, instead of a bland friend request.

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I only put a message with a friend request if it’s someone I haven’t seen in a long time or someone I’m adding from another online site. If it’s someone I see quite frequently or a family member, I don’t put a message with it.

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I just got a friend request without any message, and the person said they thought they sent a message.

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I always add a message but I’ve added people who haven’t.

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I have sent messages with friend requests. I have also received messages with some requests. I’d love to know if there is a way to view these messages that I have sent. I sent one the other night, after a few beers, and I can’t remember exactly what I wrote. I searched, but can’t find it. Only the person I sent it to knows, I guess. (and they haven’t added me yet!) :/

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If i haven’t seen/spoken/interacted with the person in a long time, i add a personal note to help them remember who i am. I most often don’t get such notes when people send me friend requests, but i don’t think it’s because it’s broken, as i’ve recently had a friend request with a message. So…..maybe the rest just don’t bother with a personal message? Hmph.

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I put a message on some of mine, like a friend from school, or a mutual friend or app. I have received requests with messages in them so no I don’t think it’s broken!

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