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If money were no object, where and how would you choose to live the remainder of your life?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23112points) July 21st, 2010

Which country would you choose to live in, in what sort of environment, in what sort of home?

I’d love to have a pretty, white 2-story cottage on a big spread of land in the Irish countryside. It would have a rambling garden for me to play with and lots of pasture for cows and goats.

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If money were no object, I’d live here in NYC in Park Slope in a 5 bedroom condo across the park..I’d have my relatives in a co-op somewhere close by…we’d have a cabin in the woods that we’d own so that we can go there camping often and we’d own an apartment in London and in Prague…my children’s education would be in the U.S. and in Europe…we would all, as a family, spend a lot of time traveling, volunteering our time and service and working towards social justice causes that are important to us.

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Paris and rich

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I’d alternate between Kalamth, CA and Lahaina, HI.

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It’s hard for me to think that money were not object. If money were not object how could we afford to pay for our necessities?,even moving to another country need a price in return. I work for money and if money were not exist then maybe I didn’t have to work anymore.

Ok,in that situation I will own a beautiful and expensive penthouse in Antartica(my favourite place).

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I would live in a nice apartment in a city. Maybe I’d stay in Manchester, or maybe I’d move to London. I don’t think I would like to live overseas (too many friends here). I would give up work, and use my time by doing random degrees, mostly in the arts. Just for fun. And I would travel a lot.

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Missions trips… tonnes of them. I would travel and help as many people as I could.

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I like living in the city but I would like to have a couple of elephants. Hmmmm. OK, I would buy two city lots so I could have a big yard. My current neighborhood would be great.

Then I would fund the zoo’s elephant program generously, insisting on visitation rights.

@Doctor_D “money is no object” is an idiom meaning “you have all the money you need” or “lack of money is not an obstacle”. Or “I didn’t have to work anymore” is also a good definition.

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Thank God
(in no particular order)
Quit school
Pay off my loved ones’ debts
Build a home in California
Donate to charity, and maybe start my own
Learn to grow marijuana
Work to decriminalize marijuana in the US
Throw parties
Hire a chef
Have fun

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I would spend part of the year in Paris, right smack dab in the center of it that I can go sit at Laduree every day if I wish! The other part of the year I would spend in a large house overlooking the mountains…in Colorado or Mount Shasta. I’d own an organic farm in Wisconsin, too and have someone run it——just in case Planet X comes and takes the grid out…:)

I would spend my time writing, gardening, painting and entertaining friends——hosting “salons” inviting interesting and knowledgeable people to come stay at my house where we could discuss all sorts of wild metaphysical and spiritual subjects. I would travel more widely and give money away to helping women all over the world who are victims of domestic violence and attempt to help outlaw draconian stoning and genital mutilation laws. Those would be my causes.

I would also have an apartment complex or compound where women over 40 could live and create and write….for free…..for two years at a time. Just so they could take time out for themselves, after caring for everyone else….so they could indulge their muse and renew their spirits.

I would never marry, but it would be nice to have a man to share my life…but in a duplex or the other wing of any of the aforementioned mansions…..:)

I would also take time to cherish my freedom and make sure others have it, too.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus Wow, that was a well spoken and well thought out answer! I love it!

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Sweet holy moly, if I had it like that I would have a 30,000 (maybe more) green interactive house on 50+ acres in Lake county Ca or some place near with tons of trees. A guard at the gate so unless I invite you, you will never get close. A helipad and a indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool large enough to float a oil tanker in. A music room with hard wood floors and a full-sized grand piano (can’t play but I just want one). A built-in 50 seat theater with THX surround sound or better. A sauna. A 25 car garage with a rotating drive way so I can turn the car around if the drive way has more than one car in it. Certainly a panic room in front of the vault less some fool tried to take my loot. I would have a G8, Gulfstream 550, or Challenger 601 so I never have to worry about waiting in line or getting bumped, crying babies etc, plus no luggage restrictions. I would have me a Lamborghini Murcielago (maybe 3) and the Gallardro the rest of the stable will include but not limited to a mint cond. 57 Corvette roadster with the conv. hardtop, a ’68 Ford Pantera, ’69 Camero SS Super Sport, ’73 Dodge Challenger with the 318 small, McLaren F1, and the longest legal stretch limo I can get. I would have a 120+ motor yacht that was capable of sailing any ocean with out stopping, and a 80 sloop with all electric wenches. And I would have an entrepreneur college free to those who can’t get a break or re-entering society from lock up so they have a way to make honest money and stay out of prison (hopefully). That would be a start of what I would do.

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I’d buy a cottage on the shore of Lake Superior with our own private beach and some land to grow crops for our family. I would spend my days enjoying the outdoor activities that I enjoy doing, selling my photographs, learn how to carve wood and help my husband with his radio show.

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I would take Japanese courses and then move to Japan where I can spend the rest of my days being an Otaku.

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@WillWorkForChocolate….Well, thanks for the great question….it was fun to indulge in my visualization.

Oh, and I forgot…..I would work for chocolate, too! :)

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Right here….near family and friends! Now, having said that, my food would improve, my transportation, travel, etc., but not my address!

Oh, would definitely buy a house on the beach and one in one of the New England states for the summer. And, next to a golf course. But, always would return to home….right here!

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I’d continue to live in the US on a few hundred wooded acres somewhere in a Victorian style home similar to this one. I would maintain a large collection of rare and antique books, curio firearms, and classic cars and photography equipment and I would hold regular parties for my friends and family where I would cook in my sexy kitchen.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oohhh, love the house AND the kitchen! Nice!

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If money were no object, I’d want a home for Aris and myself in the Rocky Mountains, with no one in sight. A log home, and I have it all visualized.

I’d also want to purchase Oak Island

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Somewhere on the Outer Banks in North Carolina or in the hearts of all mankind—it’s so hard to choose—;)

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Up in the foothills of North Carolina on a lake or trout stream with a 2 story log home with open ceiling great room and a wrap around porch. Plus a killer out building fully set up as a multi purpose music studio/work shop with it’s own sitting porch within casting distance of the water.

I’d take day or weekend trips to the Ocean in my Jeep maybe pay @lucillelucillelucille a visit and buy her a beer.

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I would own 3 properties, one in my favorite city, one in the mountains [preferably with lake] and one by the coast. I would be a snowbird and always seek my favorite 65–85 degree Fahrenheit climate year round. I would keep fit, exercise regularly, and spend a few weeks to a month every year at a spa to maintain it. I would restore historic properties, collect antiques and fine art, I would travel with friends or lovers, eat and drink well, keep working part time at whatever I was good at or into that was interesting at the time. When it was drawing to a close, I would will everything i had to my nieces and nephews.

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I’d have a townhouse in Gospel Oak, London (with enough property to have greenery and trees surrounding the house, and set back from the street), a country house near the coast in Suffolk, and a pied à terre in Brooklyn Heights.

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Finish school, travel, travel, travel, buy vacation homes, buy a yacht, shop, live in a lavish NYC apartment… later on, with a family, I would probably choose to live in a gorgeous suburban house in a charming, beautiful neighborhood… Sigh

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I would buy several apartments in the Capri by the Sea where I frequently rent, and move my entire extended family into them.

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This is hard because I would want my family near. I’ll have to imagine what I’d want without them: a beautiful, two story home built of stone with a huge front porch decorated in the best white wicker furniture. It would overlook hundreds of acres of pasture and woods with thoroughbred horses grazing , surrounded by a winding, painted fence. The ¼ mile driveway would be paved and lined with flowers, kept up by the full-time gardener.
On the side of the house would be a large, beautiful garden of vegetables/herb garden I could tinker in. Behind the house (which is done in Huge glass windows) would be an Incredible pool: saltwater with a big waterfall on one end and landscaped all around with boulders that have flowers between them. It would have a diving board and a tile-lined hot tub that would have multiple colored lights. When I’d be in the pool , a nice person, who comes each day, would come out with a tray holding my mail and lunch. I would have a world-class chef come in 5 days a week, proficient in Mexican and Chinse cuisine. I’d emerge from the water and sit at one of the umbrella tables/gazebos that are around the pool. Inside the house there are Brazilian mahogany floors with a high sheen. It’s furnished eclectically in antiques from many different countries. It has a home theater and the thickest carpet available in the bedrooms and master bath. It would have a library and 3 fireplaces.
People would come swim and ride horses and be served lunch. Then be invited to stay the night.
It would snow for two days each winter and never get over 80 degrees in summer. A few blocks from the electric gate down the driveway is a new, huge mall and Whole Foods, Target and several museums. A new 6-screen theater is closeby.
There are many churches in town and the best seafood anywhere. A new hospital complex; I would do volunteer work in that hospital on a regular basis. And where would this house stand? Monterrey, California? Victoria, British Columbia?
Kaui, Hawaii? I don’t know.

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I’d like to live in South Africa, Cape Town to be precise. I’d like to spend some time in Europe (Paris mainly) too.

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In a nice 3 bedroom condo in a large american or canadian city – chicago, boston, vancouver, or montreal. I want to be nearish to the action, but in a quiet part of the city with lots of parks. Would like a nice, quiet non-yappy lapdog to cuddle with as well as my significant other.

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i would buy Fluther and kick all the a**holes off! just saying!

just kidding! Everyone here is so delightful…make my day and lay me in the hay!

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I want to live in @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ‘s house and kitchen, I hope he has room for me.
My ideal home would be large and Victorian. I would probably live in my same small town, I would travel and have a winter bungalow in Lahaina Hawaii.

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Bill Graham’s Masada compound in Marin County California

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@wilma, sure! Why not?

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I’d be in Provence. Alone with an amazing security system.

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Right where I am now. When I am not off on safari somewhere.

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I would spend the rest of my life with the people closest to me, traveling throughout the world.

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