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Does your dog love a bath, or does it take bribery?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 21st, 2010

My sweet old dog just walks away if she doesnt want to deal with you and goes to the bedroom. It takes treats to get her out, not a hose in sight (shes too big for the tub) and treats during the deed.
Then she tries to go away, with no place to hide. She was awesome today. Even Let me trim the hair behind her ears.
Hates her toes trimmed and groomers. Wish I had more experience.
What bout your pup?

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My dog always let us bathe her without much trouble, but as soon as we were done she’d run to the backyard and roll around in the dirt. It was a funny sight :)

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Since my husband has always bathed our dogs in the shower, they love the attention.

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Treats are good. I use them all the time, they always work. Bribery is my constant tool for my new dog. She hates to be called to you. I work on it all the time. I got her as a puppy and I know she was never abused. She is just nervous. She swims in the pond but hates a bath. With a treat she will let me walk her to the shower and she will sit in there while I pour water over her from the sink and wash her but the bathtub… no not at all. She is just hates the footing I think.
I keep cut up hotdogs in the refrigerator .. she loves them. It only costs a piece to call her to me when she knows I want to groom her. Same as your dog, I think they have an psychic antenna for when they are going to be groomed even if no tools are out. We practice her coming to us often without doing anything to her but the treat and scratches in her favorite places. This is a year of this and she still requires the treat or I have to fish her out from under a table. She just KNOWS !

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My Greyhound is indifferent to baths, because they are handled so much at the track. My English Setter-Dalmatian cross does not like baths, but will stand still for them.

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Did you know that @john65pennington has a dog that turns on the shower when the family leaves and stands in the shower with the water on?? That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of!!

Now this hot weather I think helped my cause. i think she enjoyed the cooling off. Long hair dogs are hard. Their butts and their ears get so matted. Border collie-aussie mix. 16 and 5 months!!

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He’s a 9lb Chihuahua/Pomeranian. When I put him in the tub and pour water over him, he looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons (back all hunched). He just freezes (stands still).

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@jjmah LMAO

BOL…bark out loud
waggin my tail

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My dog (labrador cross) hates baths. She used to really fight and struggle to escape. Now she’s old and not so agile she just stands ther looking miserable with her head down and tail between her legs.

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It took three of us to hold him down in the tub and he was usually a very mild-mannered cocker.

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My Rottweiler/Shepherd cross cooperates fully but with no great enthusiasm. He gets in the tub on request, stands there until I am finished. Waits until I close the shower curtain to shake himself off.
I towel him off some more and he loves to be brushed. What a sweet dog.

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This is making me :):)

from @jjmah dousing george burns
to @janbb and her family tackling her cocker
to @Dr_Lawrence and his most obedient….....

Happy Day jellies and your little doggie too!

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My dog loves the attention and especially loved her multiple baths after getting “skunked”.She begged for them!;)

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it is unwise to bathe dogs often so I’ve been told. My pup doesn’t care too much for it anyway but if she goes down back and rolls in some cow shit, she’s goin in the tub. a handful of an animal ½ lab ,½ great Pyrenees.

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My dogs sure don’t look forward to it but they are trained to obey so the 2 smaller ones get thrown into the wash tub (Town Dog straddles both tubs) and the akita stands up on a platform supported by 4 milk crates, otherwise it kills my back. I blow them dry with a high volume no heat dryer. The akita only gets bathed 3 or 4 times a year, the other 2 about once a month or so.

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