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Would you like to see the topics you're supposedly interested in when you get a "Question for you"?

Asked by bob_ (19685points) July 22nd, 2010

Every now and then I get a “question for me” that makes me wonder “why, oh, why, was this sent to me?”. Sometimes I click “Not interested”, but most times I just click “Remove”, so that other questions that I would be interested in do get sent. Does this happen to you? Could it be possible to see what were the topics that got a question sent, so we know when not to click “Not interested”? Just an idea.

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Actually, I think that would be a good idea. I get tons of stuff I have no idea why I’m getting. Questions about makeup and lingerie and stuff. Sure, I have an interest in it but not the kind to offer advice or information.

I don’t use the “Not interested” because I don’t know what else it would affect when I say that.

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I recognize what you are stating, i find myself wondering that too.
Sometimes i think that maybe they follow which questions you answer, as to adjust your interests?
If i may, @bob_ , jump on your wagon and asks a related question: if i click remove, does that mean that i will never get a question from that area of interest again?
Or/and goes the same for clicking not interested?

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@rebbel If you click “Remove”, nothing happens (other than that question being removed, that is).

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Something along those lines is definitely on the way. Stay tuned.

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@timtrueman On the way, on the way, or more like on the way, maybe later on the way?

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I think that would be a good idea. I get a lot of questons I’m really not interested in but I don’t know WHY they were sent to me, it might be just one little keyword in an otherwise irrelevant question, so I might be “Not Interested”-ing on some things I WOULD be interested in. Um. Or something.

I’ve wondered if these questions are based on ones I’ve answered already, or just on my listed interests. Which I ought to expand, actually…

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@bob_ Actually already started. We want to be smarter about topics and matching (possibly including better feedback options like “not interested because of…”) and we’re working on that right now.

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Yeah, I would. As Val123 I started getting all of these NSFW questions, and I could NOT figure out how those would apply to me! You know what a prude I am!

I think Auggie told me that the For You questions are not just based on the topics you have entered, but also based on the kinds of questions you answer. Which, in my case with the NSFW, still doesn’t make sense…..

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See this question if you want to get a glimpse of one of the ways we’ll be using to improve matching.

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No. I don’t need all that extra complexity. I’m satisfied to know that it’s either because one of the tags matches one of mine or because it seems to fit a pattern of questions I’ve answered—a pattern of tags, not content.. Look at the tags some people put on their questions and you can see how there might be misguided matches from time to time. A few outliers don’t bother me. I just delete them. I don’t know why anyone gets exercised over this.

@rebbel, as I understand it, “not interested” affects the history on which matches are based, and “remove” just removes the question without changing your history. I use “remove” when I am interested in questions of that general type but prefer to ignore the specific question.

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@Jeruba Not “exercised”, just curious.

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@bob_, I was thinking of all the people who actually post a fluther question to ask “Why did <this question> appear in my ‘Questions for you’? Why, why, why, for gosh sakes?” To me that’s getting exercised.

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Thank you, @bob_ and @Jeruba , that were clear explanations .
I am doing it the same way, by the way, remove them, even if i am interested, but not interested at that moment.

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I wish there was a way to totally ignore General questions, as if they didn’t exist at all for me.

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I will only pick interesting questions that are freshly made during the day,I tend to ignore question that has gone more than 24 hours even though it’s an interesting question since most of the time the issue has already been solved.

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I would love questions on healing stones, I guess for me, and @whatthefluther.
Nobody else like rocks…........:(

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@jazmina88 I like rocks! I paid good money to buy some rocks from some little kids who were selling rocks the other day!

I wish they had a “made me laugh” button.

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According to the Questions for You that I get, I’m a drag queen who listens to Justin Bieber.

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@zenele So it works?

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It does.

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