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Do you have lots of friends or more acquaintances then friends?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 24th, 2010

I have like three true friends. The rest I really don’t know and they don’t really know me very well.

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I only have one true friend, but tons of acquaintances. I don’t consider people my friend unless I’ve kow them for a while and they’ve earned my trust.

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I have a couple of close friends. I have many acquaintances and I enjoy their company a lot, but my friends I love.

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Yes, I have a small group of very close friends and many acquaintances, some I consider friends in the making.

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I have like, maybe 2–3 close friends. Other than that I have some acquaintances but I don’t really talk to them very often. And I don’t mind.

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I am like most of you. A few friends and lots of acquaintances The person has to be very special to me to call them a friend. I actually have a family member in my friend catagory.

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I have a handful of very close friends, but none of them live near me.

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I can count true friends with one hand.

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I have a few close friends, and many acquaintances. My best friend is also my partner.

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I have a few women that I’m really good friends with, but one in particular is my absolute best friend that I can tell anything to or ask anything of. She is my rock. However, I have a few guys that I’m really close to also. Men tend to not judge you, and accept you for who you are. They don’t usually talk about you behind your back or make fun of what you’re wearing or how bad of a hair day that you might be having. Plus, if my hubbie is not home and I’m having a problem, I know that I can call one of these guys and they will coming running to help get me out of my current predicament.

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I have four closest friends, counting my boyfriend. These are the people I go on road trips with, these are the people I spend long nights talking with. These are the people that my parents know well. These are the people I never want to lose. A step down from that, I have people that I consider my “friends”, but I wouldn’t call them “close” or “best”. They are people that I can talk to when I want to and people that I can hang out with relatively regularly, but I might not tell them everything and they might have many other friends that I don’t really know. The rest are acquaintances. I feel I have an adequate amount.

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i have some acquaintances…and a few friends i really love. Some of my closest friends live out of state. :(:(

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I have a few acquaintances, and 2, maybe 3 close friends. My very best friend and I are no longer close…but everyone changes and someone who doesn’t have any friends one day may become quite popular in a short amount of time! Maybe in a few months I’ll have a completely different set of friends. It’s happened before…

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I’d call one person in my life my friend– best friend, actually. The rest are acquaintances. I’ve always been bad at making friends because I have no patience for bullshit or games. I used to hate it, but now I’m OK with being picky.

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More acquaintances, i think. I have very few friends, i don’t get out much and mingle and didn’t keep many of my school friends. I have only 1 real friend, but unfortunately she’s moved to another continent. :( Other than her i have a couple of other friends, but we’re not FRIENDS friends like this real friend.

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I have a select group of friends and I am lucky to have them. A couple are very special to me.

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Once I have a true friend, I carry them through life with me and put more time into maintaining those relationships than meeting new acquaintances. I’ve been really fortunate in that I probably have about 8 or 9 of these. I consider them my best friends. Then there’s another level of ‘friends’ and these are people that I spend time with, am somewhat close to and would do anything for, but don’t put a lot of expectations or demands on. Then there are the acquaintances- these are the meet-up-for-happy-hour, gossip and check in with occasionally. These are the fun, light friends that I can count on to do social things with, but wouldn’t call if I needed a ride home from the hospital.

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