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If you could order/design the perfect, custom, utilitarian/functional household or workplace robot what would it's specifications be?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) July 25th, 2010

You get one robot but it will be capable of doing several tasks, most likely ones that you would rather not do yourself. Let’s just say you can order a basic model with three capabilities/features. What three features would you order for your robot? And if you can’t limit it to three, then you can pay extra for the Mercedes, BMW, Benson or Rolls Royce of robots. Knock yourself out; pack on the accessories and extras.

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It must have a fresh pot of coffee ready for me, cup in my hand once I wake up.
Weed my garden.
Wash my clothes.

I don’t ask fo much.

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@jonsblond I’m almost totally with you… the coffee ready for me and in my hand the moment I wake up? Yes, absolutely. Weeding the garden? Yes. You plant it in the spring when it is practically impossible to resist that whatever it is that is in the air in the spring that compels you to plant things, but the weeds just lie in wait until it is just so damn hot that you get out there and in dealing with them all you can think about is what would make a sane person plant a garden to begin with? The only thing I would really change on your list would be washing clothes. If and when I buy my basic model robot I think I would prefer that it empty my dishwasher and put the dishes up and away on the shelves and into the cabinets. I don’t know why that is such a problem for me but it slows me down every time. I have a dishwasher so I don’t have to actually wash the dishes myself, that should be enough for me but it’s emptying the dishwasher and putting the dishes away that hobbles me.

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My robot would do all the watering chores, housekeeping and cooking.

I would accessorize my lifelike handsome robot with a G-string as appropriate pool boy attire for spa maintainance as well.
Oh, and he’d have to be a he with other functional accessories ( ahem ) and make a mean bloody mary, spicey with two martini olives and a celery stalk split three ways to create a little fan

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Mine would:

Do my dishes and put them away. I have a dishwasher, too, but am one of those annoying people who basically wash the dishes before I put them in. I can’t seem to stop doing that. :|
Do my laundry, including folding and putting the clothes away.
Give me a massage/fascia release every day to ease my pain.

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I just want one that cleans and kills spiders if I see one here and there. That would be nice.

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Mine would wash and iron my clothes, give Thai Yoga massages and tell really good jokes on demand.

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Ooh, this would be fun. :D I’m going to have to save up for the BMW model i think. It’s going to have to do the following for me:
1. clean the house, including washing dishes, dusting, cleaning floors, EVERYTHING, except i’d still do the laundry, i don’t mind that so much.
2. it must do my office filing (i work from home), but i’ll put everything that i want it to file in a particular box for it, because there may be some things that it would be unsure of where to file, so those few things i’ll file myself.
3. it must be capable of doing basic gardening duties (eg mowing lawn, picking up leaves and weeding and watering etc), then i’d rent it out to those who need gardening help, so that i can make some pocket money on the side, and possibly use it in my garden when needed, if my gardening guy can’t do it anymore or something.

So….when does this robot of yours come onto the market???

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@NaturallyMe Well, unfortunately RoboWow! is still only in the early stages of development but I’ll let you know. I’m hoping to have my own show on QVC. :)

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