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Do you think Robotics can really come up with practical solutions in the future?

Asked by conleyscottb (4points) 1 month ago

As we all know Robotics technology is supposed to have the potential to replace humans in many tasks. But is that really working as of now as expected? What are your thoughts!

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Robots are just tools. Complicated tools, but tools nonethless.

Robotics won’t come up anything. Humans will and put robots to work.

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It is rather obvious that robots have been employed in manufacturing for decades now. And household robots are also an established reality with devices like robotic vacuum cleaners. The technology has now been extended to robots sweeping and mopping the aisles in supermarkets, and the pressure to eliminate the cost of human labor is relentless and irresistible. Self driving cars and trucks are rolling among us NOW. The military has robotic pack animals and mine detecting and detonating autonomous machines in the field already, and law enforcement agencies are right behind them.

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Absolutely. I don’t see them completely replacing human though. The computer replaced entire careers like file clerks and number crunchers who would hand-tabulate spreadsheets and ledgers. And yet now we have new careers like database architects and cyber security specialists. Robots are exceptional at certain tasks that involve extreme precision and repeatability, they can also be used in environments hazardous to humans as @HP mentions.

I follow a lot of amateur robotics content on YouTube and the barrier to entry for the hobbyist is much lower than it’s ever been. Between affordable 3d printers, cheap electric motors/gearboxes and Arduinos/Raspberry Pis, one can build some pretty impressive proof of concept robots for a few hundred dollars or less.

Welcome to Fluther. Great question.

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To get an idea of how close we are to creating sentient robots, read this “dialog” between a Google engineer and their LaMDA robot, which gets input only in the form of text.

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Yes, if they kill off all of the humans.

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@LostInParadise That kinda puts a damper on my fantasy for a
lady android companion bot.

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Nonsense! The demand is so intense that you can bet a machine woman is right around the corner and top of the robot list to replace the current crop of blow up dollies.

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