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Side effects of consuming Pregabalin?

Asked by tuxuday (296points) July 27th, 2010

Hello All,

I am an insomniac consuming 75mg of Pregabalin every night. Have been doing this for some 4 years now.

Of late i lost my appetite and have itching feeling near joints, mostly lower body. And have also lost ¾ kgs.

Also my new work demands to be up early morning. So i am a bit confused as to what would have caused these physical changes. If anyone has any inputs, it is welcome.

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In my opinion, it is possible that pregabalin is contributing to your physical changes, as one of the side effects is pruritis (itching). On the other hand, weight gain is another side effect. Primarily pregabalin is an anticonvulsant, but another side effect of the drug is drowsiness – which presumably, is the desired effect for you. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about trying a different sleep aid, like zolpidem (Ambien) or diphenhydramine. He or she might be able to suggest some non-drug solutions as well – like exercising before bedtime. As a side note, for some people, hops are a remedy for insomnia. Some clusters stuffed in your pillow might help with your restlessness as well. As always, talk to your doctor first!
Best wishes.
– Soar

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