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Do you have a "get money" list for those you'd gift if you came into big money?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 27th, 2010

Do you have a “get money” list? If you should come into a windfall of cash and wanted to share the love do you have a list of who would get what so you don’t end up gifting too much money to the wrong person or having to gift money to someone you had not expected? For instance if you gifted you barber or hair stylist $1,500 because they always got you in and did your hair exactly the way you like, and word got to a cousin that you hardly see but they are family would you not have to match the $1,500 or ore to them in order not to look hinky? Of if you gave your mother in-law $3,000 but she was now divorced from the father in-Law and even though you were not as close to him as her he had a greater need, would you feel you would have to give him at least $3,000 or more because of his greater need? And if you gave to a niece but her daughter you gave nothing you might seem cold or stingy to the great niece? If you had a list of who gets what then you won’t have to figure it on the fly and end up missing someone you shouldn’t or paying too much for someone that maybe should not get as much.

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I’m so broke that most of the money would go towards my immediate family. I have a son entering college and another on the way soon. It would be a very short list. My parents and my mother-in-law. They have always been there for us, so I would be happy to get them any item of their dreams.

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I do, or did at least. I came into a little money when my dad died and I have two best friends. I gave one of them cash and gave the other one one of these.

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I have a better way. I would fund a foundation, and hire all the people on my “give” list to work for the foundation. They would look at requests for grants, and choose which ones would be granted – and get paid for giving away my money.

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No, I do not think about that since the chances of me becoming significantly more well off are slim to nothing. I also don’t like the expectation some people have to claim money if a family member or close friend wins big, so I would be hesitant to give any money to the people I know. If I were to give them money, it would be anonymously (since no one would ever know I was loaded) and without allowing anyone an angle to bleat “They got more than me! That’s not fair!”

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Yes and the only people on the list are immediate family (parents, daughter), and one very close lifelong friend.

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I don’t really have a list, but in my mind i have some idea of who i’d want to give things to. Although i have some i dea of what i’ll want to gift them, it may change when i actually get this huge some of money.

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No. If that fortune ever befalls me it would only take a few minutes to make my list.

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I would just keep it for my immediate family… I am sure it would not take long to spend these days. A house, normal nothing fancy , costs $200,000 to buy where I live. SO.. It would not take long.

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Sometimes the people who you might think need it the most, actually need it the least. True story. Last month my boss’s nephew passed through town with his girlfriend in tow. Both have been homeless and on the streets for 4 years. They travel to and fro, panhandle for food and are two of the happiest people you would ever meet. They refused new clothes and reluctantly took a cell phone as new clothes and modern gadgets would compromise their ability to get food or money. The worse off they look (and smell) the better off they are. Apparently they were healthy, quite happy and get to see the country to boot with nary a dime in their pocket. They would not be on my list but others are.

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@Cruiser You can’t go on appearances. In India there was a beggar who begged for years. When he died the authorities (or whoever else) found that he had a large amount of money at his house. So much for being poor. He was very rich!

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Whoever said that being rich was easy?!

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We used to play this game all the time when I was young as we didn’t have a lot of money. Now my list is very short as most of my family are doing well.

But then, in order to have that windfall I would need to buy a lottery ticket and I don’t because I understand statistics involved.

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Unfortunately, the retirement planning of a lot of people consists of buying lottery tickets.

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No, no list but I do know that if I ever have a lot of money, I’d give some to my dance teacher so she can open her own dance school for kids.

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@ItsAHabit now that I am retired, maybe I’ll try that.

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@downtide A niece or nephew show up no money?

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@Hypocrisy_Central aside from parents and children there aren’t any other relatives I ever see. I’m not going to give money to someone I don’t know, even if they happen to be blood-related.

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No, I don’t need a list. All of my family and friends and anybody who needs some will get some.

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I befriended an older woman two years before she died since she had been my mother’s oldest and dearest friend. This lady left her house to the people who adopt out greyhounds who no longer race. She said, “those poor people have no home; they live behind where the dogs stay.”
A few months after she passed away a friend told me they had sold the house she left them. She would have been so hurt. Maybe they fixed up the dogs’ quarters.

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@SVTSuzie No, I don’t need a list. All of my family and friends and anybody who needs some will get some.
Who would get how much, and where would it stop? For instance, you come into money large enough to choke three T-Rexes, it is ”big money”, but maybe not more money than Bubba Gump Shrimp. So the well would run dry of you drained it too fast, if you gave your brother 10k would any friend be worthy of 10k? Would some friends be worth more than 10k? If you gave 5k to a cousin you are not on daily speaking terms with, more like every other month, would they get more than your hairdresser? What about the neighbor who always greets you and give you home baked cookies, are they a friend and do you break them off a nibble?

@Aster She would have been so hurt. Maybe they fixed up the dogs’ quarters.
Or they just said screw the dogs, sold the house for a mint because it was all profit (they did not spend a dime to buy it), and took a cruise.

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