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What three things (images/qualities) remind you of (would describe) le Mama?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 28th, 2010

For me, my Mom:

1. music
2. strength
3. unconditional love

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It’s quite a challenge just to list three things. So many things could be listed, from her fried chicken, tuna sandwiches, and tacos, to her love of travel.

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Tolerance, strength beyond belief, and a never “give up” attitude. Mother had a very tough life as a child and she has used this, in a positive way, to get the through some tough times. Also my Dad, a World War II victim…mental problem from the effects of Normandy D-Day, put her though Hell….but, she survived and became very successful, with limited education. A good business woman and “tough as a two-dollar steak”.

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A person with the ideal relationship with God
Unconditional love
“Shit-ass” (The loving pet name this woman who never uses profanity gave my father haha)

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Potatoes, clowns, lighthouses.

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College campus (she was a professor), classical music and her love for my Meg (she was the only family member who accepted her).

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My Mom could cook! And I always watched or participated with her. She smoked like a steam engine and it eventually killed her. Strength, my Mom put up with an abusive husband, divorced him to raise 4 kids and work 2 jobs, remarried to an adulterous asshole, became friends with the woman he cheated on her with…there is so much that she went through. She’s my hero/icon and I miss her everyday!

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@janbb Mother had some narcissitic chararateristics also. Funny story, but not funny. In 2006, had my left hip replaced…and that is major surgery. My pastor drove to Memphis to pray with me before surgery. Mother was in Tunica playing the slot machines!

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oh well…loll

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1. Oprah – Her favorite show in the 90’s that she used to watch all the time
2. Teaching – Her profession
3. Cats – Her favorite animal

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1. Criticism – ever since I can remember..
2. Strength – no matter what’s happening, she moves forward
3. Looks – always cares about how she looks.

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compulsive cleaning
very kind hearted
hard worker, but sickly (diabetes)

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Beauty/Sex Appeal

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* Audrey Hepburn (her favorite actress)
* The small book of poems she published decades ago
* Various antique pieces she bought for me over the years
* The ‘30s movie “Lost Horizons,” which she took me to see when I was very little.

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Fake leg
hot dogs

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Elvis, Shirley Bassey, Her smoking 60 a day!! :-/

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