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What do you think about Saw, the movie?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4851points) July 28th, 2010

does anyone here watch those movies? anyone like them?

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First one was excellent, second not bad. Then as is usual they went on & on & on &.....well you get the picture. Should have cut the series down to two maybe three movies tops. See what I did there? Cut, saw…..oh forget it!

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I’ve watched a couple of them but i don’t like them at all. Blood and torn off limbs aren’t my idea of horror or scary at all, it’s just ew and over the top. I like demon horrors better. :D

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I hate torture movies! After seeing the first one, I never watched the others.

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I’ve never hated a movie Cary Elwes played in before Saw.

It was insulting to my intelligence. Clearly, the writers and director thought we were all stupid – how else could they expect us to believe that a doctor wouldn’t notice the “dead” guy on the floor is breathing – for ten hours?

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The first one was awful and I wouldn’t have watched any of the others if I hadn’t gotten the first three from Netflix all at the same time. I’m glad I kept watching, though. III and V are my favorites.

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I liked Saw and have seen all the subsequent movies because it all connects up.

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Not a lot of movies can back up their hype, Saw did, it delivered.

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I could only watch so much of it, too gross for me. I am not into that type of stuff. I much prefer the older “Friday the 13th” and “Halloween” type scary movies.

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I appreciate and admire that this series has attempted to make the story and plot twists something nearly primary, and I like how they shoot the slasher genre up to the gritty urban setting. (Sick and tired of Suburbs and rich kid colleges.)
However, the further in you get, the more ridiculous and blown out of proportion the story gets, and it’s just laughable. That would be fine, considering it’s horror and the general mass never takes it seriously…but this series takes itself way too seriously.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, they’re fun and flashy films, and we all know for a fact that the true reason anyone goes to see these is to watch people get fucked up in various, imaginative ways. XD

That’s a bit of a joke; I love the series for what it is, and no matter how weird the plot gets or how much they run out of ideas for death dealing, I love the suspense and dread that comes with this series’s concept.

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I think they’re cool. They have survived 5 of them. But then I did reports in Junior High in reference to the creative ways of torture. It’s very inventive.

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