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Why dont moderators step in when near riots/fights begin online? Isnt that their job?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) July 31st, 2010

When people start arguing to the point they wanna kill somebody else over a question isnt it time the moderators step in? Like with the question aomebody asked “what is god?”

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[mod says] We allow strong debate, but do not tolerate personal attacks. As long as it doesn’t cross that line, we don’t step in. If you feel something does cross that line, please flag it for us.

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The ocean is a big place, and our fluther is large, containing jellies from many differing viewpoints. Some jellies take some subjects quite seriously and will argue their points tirelessly. As long as they are within the limits of the rules, then they are free to answer as they see fit.

The question you mention was in the social section, allowing for a wider range of discussion. Had it been in the general section, then much of what was written would not have been tolerated.

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@Brenna_o I’m reminded of the old saying if you can’t take the heat…

I read the question you mentioned and though your views and beliefs were indeed attacked, I didn’t see any personal attacks on you.

I’ve got to agree with ^ and ^^. GQ, by the way @hawaii_jake – it made for some interesting fun.

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Agreed with all above. You’ll notice the one point where I did lose my temper and called someone an “idiot” – the quip was removed.

That was a fun discussion. I wish more opposition had stepped up. Felt kinda one-sided.

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@Seek_Kolinahr The fact the question was in the social section kept me from posting anymore. While I do not have the same religious views of the OP I am still a theist and I really did want to be the opposing viewpoint to the atheists on that specific thread. I have been down this road myself when similar issues were brought up and I didn’t really get any back up myself so I know the feeling @Brenna_o .

@Seek Kolinahr Be careful what you wish for, you just may get that opposition on another thread from me. LOL @hawaii jake You were right about the question being in the social section. The answers got way off topic. Most of the answers after mine would have been flagged if your question would of been in the general section instead.

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@Jabe73 Bring it on. * puts up logic dukes *

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I haven’t seen “near riots” or “fights” on Fluther.

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Because then there are screams of “censorship!”.

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I saw no personal attacks in the thread you mentioned @Brenna_o, I would also not classify it as a near-riot, just a lively discussion about beliefs. As I said there @Brenna_o if you are going to espouse a point of view you have to be willing to espouse it in front of those who disagree as well as those who do. Lurve for @augustlan amd @syz two awesome mods!

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@Brenna_o I read that thread and I admire your fortitude and you didn’t back down at all. I understand your frustration over the dust up…but there are equally stubborn jellies here and that was frankly a comparatively tame exchange to some I have been in and IMO you hung in there much longer than I ever would have! Admirable effort defending your POV!

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@Seek_Kolinahr The question was really “what does god mean to you” so for me it wasn’t the proper time to debate bible fallabilty or whether god even exists or not. The question was in “social” but even then I try to stick to the topic.

@Brenna_o I have been hammered on threads myself here (even my own questions). I agree with Cruiser here for you didn’t back down. It would be nice if there was more of the “other” view points when it comes to these types of questions. It does seem to be 5 to 10 people against 1 or 2 on these issues. I am fairly new on here myself but I will offer the other viewpoint when I can (it is needed badly).

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I do love a strong debate.

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The moderators do step in when it gets ugly.

I also read through the question about god, and I agree with @Cruiser and @Jabe73, I admire that you didn’t back down @Brenna_o. I may not agree with your beliefs, but I would never call you ignorant, stupid or an idiot. I find it really sad when someone resorts to that type of name calling, and unfortunately I’ve seen it come from many people on this site that I admire.

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A wise, Zen-like master of online communication once said:

I’m reminded of the old saying if you can’t take the heat…

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While that’s true, when was the last time you encountered a kitchen stove resorting to personal attacks?

Attacking an idea is one thing. Attacking the person holding the idea as being ignorant or stupid is quite another. There is a huge difference.

I don’t get the impression that the complaint was about the heat generated by the Q but rather about the few who evidently failed to make a strong enough argument on its own merits and had to resort to personal attack to bolster their case. Not nice.

Besides, I much prefer things which generate light (insight, thought) rather than heat (friction).

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Honestly I only quickly skimmed the thread, so I am unaware of any personal attacks that may have occurred, whether real or imagined. I applauded Zen’s comment going by the assumption the OP is new to online debate, therefore she may have little experience with “kitchens” in general. Something like that.

@jonsblond close, but my preferred answer is “order in chinese”.

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They were not imagined, but by now have obviously been cleaned up by the mods as several people pointed out.

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There was one instance of personal attack on my part. It was not directed at @Brenna_o.

I admit that it was inappropriate and I am glad that it has been removed. I was reacting harshly to a participant in the discussion repeatedly ignoring entire posts and talking in circles.

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They do. And they do a very job at making sure debates don’t get out of hand.

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