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Where are the best places to see in Canada?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) August 1st, 2010

In 2013 I’m planning on going to canada to take a family member for her birthday. Where are the best places to go and see in Canada? Are there any specific places which are a must see?

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Victoria is really beautiful. It lights up at night and you can take a carriage ride though the city. Lots of little boutiques in side alleys. A very sweet little town. That’s where my family went for my sister’s birthday.

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2013, we’ll all be dead by then..

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@Afos22…. glad to see your so positive about the future and very willing to help me on my travels!

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Gaspesie. Seashore and mountains all in one package. Beautiful place.

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Canada has a lot of different places and different types of adventures. Can you give us a bit more details about what things you like to do? Are you an outdoorsman or do you like to relax at a spa? Also, do you know the location where you will be traveling, or will that be determined based on the sightseeing/activities? Do you have a season you plan on going in? Do you enjoy heat or cold? Answering these questions will let me refine down my suggestions on what to do and see.

For example, if you like summertime and being outdoors, you should go camping in the Algonquin Provincial Park or Gatineau Hills or hike around BC. If you like winter though, you must come and skate on the Canal, enjoy Winterlude and eat a beaver tail (it’s a yummy sugary pastry, not an actual tail). If you like mad parties, come here for Canada Day (July 1), since you plan on going in 2013 you’ll be able to book a nice hotel in downtown Ottawa, enjoy the fireworks and celebrations and fun fun things.

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Jasper is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sunshine coast in B.C. is lovely too. The sea to sky highway used to be a beautiful highway to travel but I haven’t driven it since they widened it for the Winter Olympics.

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When I visited Canada I spent a week up on the Great Lakes (Lake Huron), and then a week in Toronto. I also visited Niagara Falls and went on the Maid of the Mist. THAT was easily the best moment of the holiday.

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I’ll try to power through this: I’ve only driven through, but Quebec is rather nice. Problem is, the further into Quebec you get the less willing the people are to speak to you in anything other than French, so know some French if you choose to go to a place like Quebec City. On the other hand, Montreal is a good experience and plenty of people speak English. The city has more of a European feel than other cities in Canada, I find. Ontario has its moments…it’s supposed to be quite beautiful to the north. The east coast is very pretty, but there’s very little to do (unless you just like exploring the natural coast). PEI looks to be quite picturesque, although I’ve never been. NOW, the ultimate is the west coast. BC is everything you’re looking for! There’s plenty to do, it’s beautiful as fuck, and you’ll want to live there. A popular vacation spot to the west is also Banff (which is gorgeous). Nobody cares about the territories or Saskatchewan. I know nothing about Manitoba.

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@dynamicduo We arn’t really outdoorsy people – more into art and amazing scenery locations. Love greenery and enjoy fresh air. The only place we deffinatly have to go to is Niagra. I would really like to visit Edmonton (I have a friend there) and I have a feeling that my family member has a interest in Nova Scotia. We don’t know when in 2013 we would actually gone, my friend there tells me that he doesn’t think I could handle Canadian winter though being in winter would deffinatly be a experience and a half.

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@silvermoon The winter here isn’t bad. Sure there is snow and low temperatures but you get all that in the northern States.

I’m in Calgary and we can get down to -30c through parts of the winter but we also have chinook winds that can take us from -30c to +20c in a couple of hours. Vancouver’s weather is very mild. They rarely have snow and the temperature hovers in around 12c in the winter.

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I haven’t been everywhere in Canada so I can’t really say, but I can assure you that Montréal is very interesting, and it has fun things to do everywhere. (Not much greenery, but smaller towns in Québec, or the Laurentiens region where I currently live are fulla mountains and parks and rivers and crap.)

It’s quite a damn unique city, with all sorts of people everywhere, all sortsa crap to see and do and all. Check out old Montréal and the port if you can. Québec City is also supposed to be a sight, never been there myself but I’m sure it’s worth checking out.
You might wanna look up Vancouver if you’re at the other end of Canada. Another wicked big city, and there’s always some event going on down there. Never stayed there very long so I can’t really confirm, but it was awesome the two times I went anyways.

If you go to Manitoba, check out the city of Winnipeg. A good part of it is impoverished and full of crime, but it did something right with its many historical sites and places though. That city is steep in its Indian history. (The Forks, Fort Gilbraltar, the Exchange District. I’d mention Osborne Village too, but it’s complete Yuppie town now.)
Still I’d suggest Montréal as a first choice, it’s much more fun and diverse.

@dynamicduo has it right. It largely depends on the time of year you go…Winter is awesome in Québec and Manitoba for activities and festivals. Vancouver has the Winter Olympics. All these cities have just as much to offer in the Summer too. You might want to check out guides and websites for local activities and things.
@stranger_in_a_strange_land I totally have to go to Gaspésie some day. :D

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@Symbeline We’re going there again after I get my arm out of this damned cast. I also owe a young lady a canoe camping trip on the St. Maurice. L’Auberge Gite du Mont-Albert is a very nice place to stay in the mountains of Gaspesie.

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Banff in the summer time!! How are you getting around? Canada is huge. Calgary has the Stampede every July -huge rodeo, fair with rides and entertainment, abot 11/2 hours from Banff.

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@faye Honestly have no idea what we are going to do even in the way of transport, just trying to get ideas at the moment. Even just one foot on canadian soil would be good lol

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@silvermoon You could rent a car at Calgary airport, see Banff, drive to the BC okanagan for sun and fruit, fruit, then carry on to Vancouver on BC coast. Also just north of Banff is Jasper- amazing place. Or rent a car in Toronto and tour southern Ontario, maybe go as far as the Maritimes which is like another country I’ve heard.

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