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Does Easter have special meaning for you or is it just another day?

Asked by shorty (244points) March 22nd, 2008
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Just another day that happens to be filled with candy…..mmmmmmm candy.

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Today is the day fasting ended, so I’ve ate a lot. And it’s an extra day off, of course :)

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I am a Christian, so it is a special day for me. It is also special because I get to spend the day with my whole family.

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Yeah it’s special.

And the amount of evidence for Jesus rising from the dead is so overwhelming that the word “doubt” shouldn’t even be THOUGHT of when discussing the subject.

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to me it’s just another day, except for the mindless masses wishing you a happy Easter regardless of your religious affiliation… (dont get me wrong, I hope all of you out there have a wonderful Easter tomorrow) but being Jewish, it’s just another day just like Christmas, where everyone assumes every one else is Christian…

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Just another day, seriously. No special meaning whatsoever.

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I stopped caring when I stopped getting chocolate bunnies and real dyed baby chicks.

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it is the day I rejoice in Jesus resurection. He rose and by His rising He broke the power of death for all who believe and put their trust in Him.

May your Easter be filled with JOY.

Jesus joy makes you jump even if its just on the inside.

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Just another day.

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Easter is the most special day for me. It’s the day in which God fufilled his promise to the world.

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another day at work.

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I was raised protestant, but no longer follow any organized religion; so for me it is just another day.

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Special day. Jesus rose from the dead making it so our bodies will also reunite with our spirits. Whether we believe in Him or not we will all resurect.

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At Japan 99.54% of people not Christians, we not know when it is. If do know just ignore it. Kami no Michi (Shen Dao at Chinese) and Buddhism main religions of Japan. @loveprophet- Is no real evidence Jesus ever exist. @cornman-Spirits not exist, no one arise when die. No one resurrect.

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