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What's the best "real life" sale you've taken advantage of lately?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) August 6th, 2010

Not online shopping, because it’s easier to find a good deal online than it is in person.

Pathmark had any Klondike ice cream product on sale 3 for $5. One package is nearly $5 on its own.

I bought two awesomely cute Abbey Dawn tote bags at Kohl’s a few weeks ago, totalling about $10, and each one was priced regularly at $45.

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Once, many years ago, was working storm duty in a very exclusive neighborhood in Houston, Tx., and bought 6 almost new Hart Shaffer & Marx suits for $20 each. Plus, a perfect fit. The guy did not like they the way they fit on him.

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Well, at the start of summer I bought a really adorable shirt for $4, which I had seen earlier for $50. ;]

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I only buy things on sale, mostly second hand. I got a Step 2 wagon as good as new for only $28.00, which left enough to get a picnic table for half price as well.

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FRESH ‘n EASY had all color of bell peppers packaged in two’s for .33 cents each package so I bought all there were available. They also had lamb shoulder cuts for less than $1.00 a lb so I bought up a bunch of those.

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I bought a discontinued model refrigerator for about 60% off.

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I a upright refrigerator for sale that has only been used for a few months, so it is literally still new and is still on the wooden base from the appliance store. I posted on craiglist for half the originally and I only got one call for it, and it turned that the individual only wanted to see it. So I said no way no how, cause maybe they just wanted to see what else i had to then come back again some other time to rob me, which has happend too many times for me to feel comfortable enough to let anyonejust come over to look at a item. Any suggestions?

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