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Do you have some effective tips on how to train a puppy to quit "eliminating" themselves in the house and not jumping on couches?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) August 7th, 2010

Kittens are so much easier, they just KNOW to use a litter box.

Anyway, so how does one go about actually training a puppy? We take her outside a few times a day, mostly after she’s snoozed or after she’s eaten, and once or twice during the night. But she still poops in the house.

It’s also WAY too cold to leave our outside, so that’s not an option.

Also, the other day she got a whiff of my dinner and wanted some of it. So i got on the couch but she was trying to get onto the chouch and i thought she was NEVER going to quit! Can we spray her with water to deter her?

Some website said that one shouldn’t smack them with a newspaper when they mess on the floor, because that teaches them to just not poop in your presence.

I really do want a well trained dog, and one that will never mess in the house or make a “nuisance” of herself when guests comes over.

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I can’t help you with the getting on the couch thing. We came to accept if you have a dog you don’t mind it being on couches or chairs. We gave up.
The potty training thing was not too bad. And bichons are notoriously hard to train. I had five pups to train. I took them outside every hour or so like clockwork. The SECOND they pottied I picked them up and brought them back inside after giving them some sort of treat (there are treats they reject) .I took them out 2 or 3 at a time. You have to experiment to see which treat they like. By the time they were sold they were housetrained. I didn’t mind doing it; they were adorable fluffballs and I had the time to do it. Inside they were in a pen with newspapers laid down for numerous accidents.

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What’s a bichon? I have a sausage dog. I also think it would be bad for her back to be jumping up and down couches, they’re known for having back problems, plus i don’t want my couches smelling like dog, haha. (i’m a cat person).

I wish we could put her in a pen somewhere, but she’d cry all the time, she wants company.

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every time she urinates in the house show her it and tell her no, take her outside.

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@NaturallyMe I can’t describe a bichon but google it.
We have leather furniture and there’s no odor. Plus, I can bathe them. Now that they’re adults they are only in the pen if we go out and when they sleep at night . I put a sheet over it and the Never have complained. They like it ; we got a very thick doggie bed to go inside it.
Having 2 dogs of a different sex may help them to feel content. I’ve never thought about it. They play together, lay down on the couch together, it’s really sweet. And they had those 5 puppies too.
So you have a miniature dachsund? They’re real sweet. But I can see how they could hurt themselves jumping up on a sofa. hmmm….he needs a ramp? I didnt think a dachsund could jump that far!

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I will spray a dog in that situation. It won’t hurt the dog,some dogs even play around automatic garden sprayer that spray their face with lots of water. So,I’ll just spray and say “No!” in loud and strict tone whenever I find a dog attempt to do its mischievousness.

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@Aster well i don’t know if she’s miniature yet or not, i forgot to ask, ish. :) We’ve already made a ramp for her for the single step we have in the hallway because she’s to small to get up and down easily, hehe. I don’t want her on the furniture though, it may annoy guests and it’s my kitty’s space, somewhere he can go to escape the dog if he needs to. :)

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Crate training.

I have trained two puppies successfully in the past year with this method, and they were not making mistakes even at 12 weeks of age. We got the first puppy at 4.5 weeks, and the second at 7 weeks.

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You need to spend some time understanding your puppy. Read a puppy book. Fist, depending on the puppy’s age, they really do not have control of their bodily functions.

You need to watch the puppy at all times. When you see the puppy start to squat, you need to say No firmly, snatch the puppy up and carry it outside. When the puppy goes to the bathroom outside, you need to praise him or her.

Definitely, take the puppy outside after meals and several times in between. Stay out there until the puppy does some business. Then praise.

As for not getting on the couch, if you kept pushing the puppy away, he or she might have thought you were playing. You can confine the puppy in the kitchen using a baby gate or crate the puppy while you are eating.

I am a little saddened that I don’t hear more of a tone of love in your post.

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@marinelife thanx, and don’t be saddened, of course i love my pets! This was just purely a post for informative purposes for me. If i didn’t care for her, i would have hit her with my shoe to deter her from doing things i don’t like, now wouldn’t i? ;)

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@squirbel thanx! It looks like that website has a lot of info. :)

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Forget punishing her when she has an accident inside – she’s a baby, and you’ll just teach her to fear you. Do you yell at a human baby for accidents in the diaper while potty training? No, you reward the correct behavior. Same idea.

Use the crate training method and she’ll do great.

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@syz – well that was the idea of the question, so that i can find other ways of disciplining her without “spanking” her, which i don’t really want to do. This is my first dog so i have no idea what they respond to best, and i certainly don’t want to be a tyrant in my dog’s eyes.

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@NaturallyMe Spanking does not work. I know you wouldn’t do it.
Well, if you can keep her off the sofa let us know! ((-;

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I’d do the crate training. Everyone I know who’s done this with their puppies has had success.

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