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Which deadmau5 album should I begin with?

Asked by Kokoro (1419points) August 7th, 2010

There is so many to choose… I want to find out more about his music. Thanks!

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Well, what better place to start than at the beginning. Here is their complete discography.

2005 – Project 56
2006 – Get Scraped
2006 – Vexillology
2007 – Full Circle
2008 – Random Album Title
2008 – At Play
2009 – It Sounds Like
2009 – For Lack of a Better Name
2009 – At Play 2
2010 – At Play 3

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With most music it’s best to start at the beginning. Even with stuff like Pantera where the first album is total crap it’s good to see the progression. I don’t think this would be any different.

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you could go backwards too.. kinda reverse egineer their musical progression lol. or look up their highest rated song/album.. i’d prolly start from the newest album myself. that’s just me

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I’d start with “For Lack Of A Better Name” and then go to “Random Album Title”. “It Sounds Like” is also a good one if you’re looking for more of a compilation of other stuff, drawing from “For Lack Of A Better Name”. If I were you I’d start with those 3 and then work from there. If anything, get “It Sounds Like” first so you can get the full version of “Ghosts n’ Stuff”, in my opinion his best song.

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I started with “For Lack of a Better Name.” I also agree with the other two cd’s dverhey mentioned as starting with, and ghosts n stuff is fuckin awesome. Im a big fan of the song “Some Chords” myself not sure what cd, if any that is on, i grabbed it on a single.

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it’s funny. this question made me look up deadmau5, watch a few
Great Question +1 :P

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