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Steam Gamers: Would you be interested in a Fluther group?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) August 9th, 2010

For those that don’t know, Steam is an online gaming platform, store, and social network centered around online/multiplayer games.

I was just wondering though if anyone would be interested in a group or (perhaps later) a server on Steam for jellies/flutherites/whoever.
If such a group was created would you frequent it? Seek out games with other jellies?

I’d just like to know if there’s enough of a community to do something like that and if people would use it.

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I might be interested. I’m a big TF2 fan :)

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I figure if we can get about 20 people who are even on Steam I’ll start a group. We can give that a shot for a while and then if people were willing to pitch in we could easily start a server, whether that’s for TF2, Counter-Strike, whatever. I’m partial to TF2, myself.

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Another TF2 player right here. Counter Strike is a bit too ‘run & gun’ for my taste, it was an impulse buy. I’d love to see my fellow Flutherines out on the battle field, helping me capture the control point or moving the payload. Heads up, I’m a kick-ass Pyro player.

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CS is too run and gun but TF2 isn’t?


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@chocolatechip Based on personal playing style, yes, CS:S is a little bit faster paced for me. Everyone plays their own way.

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A group would be simple to set up, and is pretty low-commitment. I don’t see why not. I play TF2 way too much anyway. A Fluther server would be fun, but I probably won’t play on it, since I play on our clan server.

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I’d join that.

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Once I build my PC, then sure, I’d join.
I seriously don’t know when that’s going to happen, hopefully by the end of this year

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Sounds good. If anyone wants to start a group now, go ahead, but I’d rather wait a little while until we get enough people to even fill a server.

@gggritso I looked into the prices for some servers and it looks like about 140$ a year for one game, or 180$ if we want have a server for 2 games. Sound reasonable if everyone pitches in a few bucks.

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I love TF2! I would pitch in for a server if you started one.

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Just a little notice to all you TF2 players.. not sure if you are aware of the charity even that is happening in regards to the Golden Wrench weapon for the Engineer. To sum it up – donate money to the Child’s Play Charity & for every benchmark met – a golden wrench will be destroyed. Here is a link to the site & how to donate.

It is a really good cause which I am proud to have donated to. I hope you all consider it.

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@rpmpseudonym I did see that. I didn’t donate, but that’s because I have no money.

The whole golden wrench thing is kinda silly.

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Has a group or server been started?

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That is one sick little group picture/avatar. Nice job.

And I joined. Now lets see how many we can get in there.

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