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Best contacts for dry eyes?

Asked by Kade13 (185points) August 10th, 2010

I am looking for new contact lenses that don’t dry out after a couple of hours.

I have used Acuvue Moist which are fairly good but even they start to irritate the eyes after 6 or 7 hours. I was wondering if anyone has tried any other contacts that work better to keep the eyes moisturised.

I was thinking about trying the focus dailies Aqua Comfort Plus but have found mixed reviews online and am unsure whether they will be any better.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well as any website that you might know of where i can purchase them at a reasonable price.

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Some people’s eyes are just different. I am still wearing acuvue 2 and apparently those are ‘soooo yesterday’. I tried the acuvue oasys and they were better for not drying my eyes out, so just try something new, or it may just be your eyes. It also depends on if you’re hydrated.

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I love O2 Optix!!! I have no complaints about them…ask for a trial pair from your eye doctor

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If you are predisposed to having dry eyes, then it can be difficult to wear any contacts for an extended period. What may help is always keeping a little bottle of Rewetting Drops on hand to use when your eyes start to feel dry.

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What @le_inferno says. I always had rewetting drops when I worked in the hospital as the air is so dry there. I also just am trying ‘air optix’. They seem to get dirty in eye. I better buy some more of those drops!!

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