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How should contacts feel after the second day of wearing?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) January 23rd, 2012

It’s nice to be back on Fluther. I had to leave for a while to focus on school. I was too addicted. Now I will try to balance my fluthering with school.

I just started wearing contacts for the first time yesterday. Today is my second day of wearing them.
How should they feel by now?
My eyes are a little watery, but not tearing. I can see clearly, but there is a weird feeling I don’t know how to describe. When I look at something about six feet away, I can see it clearly and what it says, but then it looks sort of blurry at the same time. As I’m looking at the computer screen, everything seems absolutely fine, bit when I look at things that aren’t three feet in front of me, it looks strange. I can see it clearly….but I can’t.
Is this normal if you just start wearing contacts? My doctor gave me this trial pair and he said to wear them all day to see how I’m doing with them.

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Call the doctor’s office and describe what is happening.

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When I first started wearing contacts, after about two minutes it felt like there was nothing in my eyes. It should not feel like anything weird, and you should be able to see perfectly. Call the doctor and tell him. Maybe he gave you the wrong prescription.

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My eye doctor told me (and it’s true) that you see differently with contacts than you do with glasses. That “seeing but not seeing” feeling is normal. After you wear them for several weeks. your mind gets used to the new way of seeing, and you don’t notice it anymore.

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@Skaggfacemutt Thank you! I thought there was something wrong with my vision.

I keep having to constantly blink because my eyes feel funny. I can see clearly…but I can’t. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It’s like my pupils aren’t focusing or something. I’m not having double vision or anything. Things appear blurry while I can see them clearly.

Your doctor said that was normal?

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@Aesthetic_Mess Yes, that is exactly how you see with contacts. Just hang in there and let your brain get used to it. I love my contacts.

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Check with your Dr.
When I started wearing them I do recall it took a bit to get used to. Even now with a small script change it will take a few days to settle in.
It is an easy call to the Dr however to get their advise. That is part of what you are paying for their service.

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