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How insecure are you about your body?

Asked by missjena (918points) August 10th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m a young girl in her twenties who hates her body. I’m not heavy. I’m average with a nice shape but will terrible cellulite. It ruins my mood and I don’t look forward to vacations and stuff because of it. Can anyone relate?

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Also, how do you overcome feeling down about yourself? Isn’t self confidence a mental thing and not physical? How’s that work?

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On a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is very secure with my body, I’d say I’m a 6 but it changes from day to day. Sometimes I really appreciate my body and think that if I were looking at me from the outside, I’d be very attracted to my body – I’m much less forgiving when that body is myself. It also helps to have a partner who, no matter whether I am 250 lbs or 160 lbs, says without fail that I’m perfect and beautiful and the sexiest thing he’s seen ever.

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I am confident and I recommend that you start exercising.
It will make you feel great and look great. Stop dwelling and just do it! :)
and furthermore,if you think people are truly concerned about how you look,think again.They are mostly concerned with their own stuff!

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I’m very insecure about my body, then I get mad at myself for being insecure about it. Ugh.

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For my age I am ecstatic. I am over twice your age and honestly age does not matter. Take care of what you have and as they say use it or lose it!! I use mine a lot!! ;)

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Huh? Cruiser did you answer the right question?

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I feel very secure with my body. The only area I’m not happy with are my thighs (and I’m working on those). Even though I don’t like them, I am secure with myself. My husband lets me know that he loves me and that he finds my body to be perfect, so that helps. In regards to how I handle my thighs, I have a bathing suit that has a skirt bottom that covers them. That solves that problem in my eyes and I’m free to enjoy myself without worrying about it.

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I get more and more confident with age. I still wish I was a little bulkier, but I also like being slim and athletic, so I don’t care anymore.

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@missjena You asked if anyone was insecure about their body and I told you I am ecstatic about mine! Ecstatic means happy, very happy in fact which means I am not insecure about my body it means I am very happy about my body!! You did ask this question didn’t you??

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I wish I was 10 pounds thinner. I am in my early 40’s so I guess 10 pounds overwieght is not that bad. The majority of my life I was very happy about my body, the last 7 years have been the most challenging. I am not very self conscious about it though.

@missjena Do you belong to a gym? I recommend you find out what your percentage of body fat is. You might be thin, but have a high fat percentage. If so, then you can correct it by doing some exercises to build muscle and burn fat, and alter some of your food choices, which should reduce your cellulite. I bet you would see changes in a months time if you were very committed to it. Someminor changes would go a long wa since you are so young and already thin.

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I’d say I’m more insecure about it than secure because I’m so self critical, always have been. I know this about myself and try to remind myself others aren’t looking at what I am most of the time. I’m 43 and wearing bikini suits but there are days when fully dressed I’ll pick out a spot and be all weird about it.

About cellulite, if you’ve got it so young then it’s likely genetic as it is for a lot of women. In fact, I’m pretty sure most women have it already in their teens. If you exercise and tone then you’ll still have some cellulite but the rest of you will look shapely and you’ll feel good and strong making it easier to forgive a little cellulite.

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I notice the flaws. It’s just like when I used to play volleyball. I would only remember and dwell on the things I missed/hit incorrectly. I don’t notice all the good things about my body, just all the things I dislike. I’ve been blessed with very nice skin, which I would never have noticed except people comment about it. I’m sure if I had acne or something, I’d hate my skin the most out of my body, but instead I care about less bothersome things like how I don’t like my fingers. You know?

I’m not sure if I’m answering your question correctly, but here’s one more thing. I only notice the flaws about myself; I hardly ever notice flaws in other people. What you don’t like about yourself other people probably don’t even notice. Even though it’s really hard, just try to be comfortable in your own skin and stop giving it too much thought!! =]

As long as you’re healthy, you really shouldn’t worry about it. :]

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I’m insecure about my body, but no one can ever tell. I am so harsh on myself that it isn’t even funny. I don’t complain about my looks to anyone though. I just try to cover up my insecurity with lots and lots of jokes. :)

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Happiness is not having a great body, or hair or clothes or car or house or job or phone or any of the multitudes of things you could have named that are external to you. Why do vacations haunt you so? Because you’re concerned about what others might think of what you perceive as an ugly body? What does it matter what others think? Having the time of your life playing beach volleyball is what matters. You’ll never have a body as young and beautiful as it is today and while you’re busy worrying about what it looks like now it’s busy deteriorating. Even if you could achieve what you think is a great body now it won’t last. You will (hopefully) live long enough to one day tuck your boobs into your skirt. If your happiness is dependant on your appearance what then? Happiness is a state of mind unaffected by events external to it. Quit worrying about your body and start working on those negative thoughts and feelings about you. You’re ace you are. Hope you believe that too xxx

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Without my nipple tassles, jockstrap & cheeky grin, I feel absolutely naked ;¬}

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I’m not saying my entire body is ugly because it’s not. It’s just my cellulite which due to genetic reasons won’t go away. I’m active and eat right. I know confidence is a mental thing because you can be gorgeous and feel ugly and be ugly and feel gorgeous. Any good books to recommend on how to be happy even when you have flaws?

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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I don’t agree with everything it says but I found the overall message helpful. Good luck.

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There are times when I look at my body and wish that it looked differently. Some things are within our control and some are not. When it comes down to it, I’m just thankful that I still have my eyesight, can hear, can walk, don’t have a terminal illness, and so on.

So yes, I can relate, but I beg of you to take a step back and look at not something you consider unattractive, but how lucky you are to have physical abilities to do things that many others cannot.

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Totally not at all. It’s the wrong gender to start with.

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I’m not insecure in the least, just dissatisfied. I’m out of shape according my standards, but according to everyone else, I look fine. Why settle for fine? I’d also like to be taller. One thing I may be insecure about is my scars. They’re not horrible, but I wish they weren’t there.

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@Facade: I like the way that reads, “I’m not insecure in the least, just dissatisfied.” That’s what I would have liked to articulate.

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@Facade Scars are cool. They are the title of a good story.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I wish mine were cool

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More so as the days go by

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Love your body and your body will love you.

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