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A cardinal mysteriously appeared in my home and dies the minute i got it out. What does that mean?

Asked by jen74west (6points) August 12th, 2010

cardinal mysteriously appeared in my home and dies the minute i got it out. What does that mean?

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It was probably sick that it got into your home in the first place. As for the timing on when it died, just coincidence or possibly shock from you handling it.

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Supposedly it means a death is immenint. Don’t believe in old wives tales though.
::edit::@Marinelife’s answer is much better.

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This just happened this morning. It was freaky. I didn’t touch it, I literally got the window open it flew out and died right in front of me. I’m thinking it’s all just coincidence and “one of those things”...but you never know. Thanks for the quick responses!

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My guess would be shock. =(

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It slips my mind as to where this superstition originated, but cardinals tend to symbolize marriage/ soul mates for life. If one were to die alone (without its mate) in or on something that belongs to you or you spouse (if you have one), superstition has it that the marriage may be on the verge of collapse, or that your spouse has died. But its just superstition, a “rational” explanation for an event that spooks people.

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It was sick already, don’t worry.

Also, if you didn’t mean cardinal as in the bird, it means he won’t get the chance to run for Pope.

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I damaged itself on the way in. Croaked on the way out.

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I hope it was the bird, and not the baseball player. Or @bob_ guess. That would suck.

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I expect it died of the shock of being trapped inside.

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