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Do you have a bit of a "dark side" (enjoy a bit of the macabre)?

Asked by Jude (32112points) August 12th, 2010

I do. A bit.

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Oh, it’s certainly there. I think every person who has dimensionality has a dark side and a light side and a side in between plus then some. There are many aspects to my dark side as well: sometimes it’s about me and the world and my brain and sometimes it’s about me and others and how I react, flow with them…it’s all usually intense and I’ve worked to steer clear of my dark side, for the most part but I can certainly fall back in sometimes, so to speak.

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Quite a bit of one, actually.

I’m not a really violent person, but I do enjoy studying the darker sides of humanity – serial killers, torture tactics throughout history, the Black Plague… It’s quite fascinating.

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I have an extremely dark side. I counter it with a really large swing in the other direction and a lot of self control, but I can go to some places that are very scary.

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Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

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Everyone does…the fight between good and evil!

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Very dark, eerie and sinister side to me. Queen of the dark side!

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sure, I’m not sure I could trust someone who didn’t!

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@syz , just cookies??!?!?!!?!?

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Sure. I’ve seen my share of macabre stuff and not even flinched.

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Unfortunately i have a large dark side. There’s things i used to believe and still believe that i don’t think i’m sharing.

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Ain’t nothin gonna save ya from a love that’s blind. Slip to the dark side you cross that line…..on the dark side. Oh, yeah.

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A bit, yes. I love murder mysteries, reading about serial killers fascinates me, and most of the stories I write are horror stories that involve some horrific situations. Violence still makes me queasy, though, so as much as I love murder mysteries, if they’re too bloody or vivid with the violence, I have a tough time watching them or reading about them…

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