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I'm curious, how many jellies have the "triple threat" when it comes to creativity (I'm talking an artist, a writer and able to play/write music)

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 12th, 2010

All rolled into a big, fabulous ball of creative yumminess.

I adore creative types.

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Two outta three?

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Ain’t bad..

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I dabble in each but can’t say I’m very good at any. I admire those who are!

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Well, I dance but don’t consider myself an artist at that. I don consider myself a writer, sometimes. Okay, no, not me.

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Dancer (have performed for a paying audience although I don’t think I got paid), musician (have been paid for playing on many occasions), and maybe I can sneak in writing, but I’ve only been published once for pay in a small magazine, but clearly that is my least valued creative form. I don’t do art, but it must be in my genes because my brother, grandmother and children were/are talented artists.

It’s all fun stuff. I wish I could do it all the time. Actually, I do write most of the day, but just for fun so, by my standards, it doesn’t count.

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Artwork was featured in a local art show. Writer as occupation. Drums & piano.

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I have experience in writing, acting and modeling, although when people ask me what I do, I just tell them I’m a writer. I’m more passionate about writing over the others and better at it anyway. Modeling was just to pay the bills and I’ve become less fond about acting over the years. I put those two on the back burner so I could focus more freely on my writing career.

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I can’t draw or sculpt but I do write novels and short stories for my own enjoyment and I play several instruments. I can’t read music but I can read tabs and pick up some by ear. Writing my own is much more enjoyable than trying to pick up on someone else’s work. Guitar and drums/percussion are my fortes but I dabble in the bass, banjo, keyboard and mandolin. My writings are just something to do to pass the time and stay between me, my computer and now, my puppy.

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I like all three but my skill is limited to a great eye with a camera. The others so so skills.

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I didn’t ever think of it that way, but this category would include me.
I mostly prefer visual art… drawing and digital graphics in particular, but I sang in the choir, played the flute, oboe and piano growing up. I also won several awards for writing when I was in highschool as well as a scholarship if I had gone to Kent State University for english. I declined. I never write anymore and my grammar and spelling has gotten so bad. I should have gone, eh? :)
Creating something beautiful is probably the only thing that makes me truly happy.

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I guess I could sort of consider myself that way. I enjoy creative writing (though I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to; I am an artist (well, at least an art student) which includes working with wood, textiles as well as digital media; and I have been playing music all my life, from 15 years of piano lessons to singing opera to playing clarinet, alto sax, oboe and vibraphones in my high school band. I’m also pretty good at computers and video games… does that count for anything?

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I’m a competent classical guitarist and have several published articles (mostly history of technology and military history). I’m a good draftsman (pre-CAD training) and do survey-type terrain sketching, but that hardly qualifies as “art”. Two out of three, I reckon. Or one out of three if you’re looking for creative writing.

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Writing and painting/sketching but music only as an appreciator.

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I paint, draw, sculpt, do photographic work, write poetry, lyrics, and fiction well, play guitar, bass, a little violin, and compose music.

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Be still my heart.

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I love to write and express my thoughts and feelings in words. I play piano mostly ragtime and play a mean electric guitar. I have sculpted clay, painted a few and love to draw on occasion. This part of me is the weaker of the 3 but only because I have invested most of my time into my music. Interesting question.

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Let me be the first to chime in and say I am the anti-triple threat! I am neither, artist, writer, or musician.

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But, you’re super.

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There’s your double threat right there!

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“I’m a writer, a poet, a genius I know it. I don’t but cheeba, I grow it.”

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard But you can’t dance, loser.

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I am an artist, and I do have the ability to write pretty well, and I used to play the flute for 6 years. Recently I have lost the musical ability but would like to pick up the flute again and hopefully the guitar.

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I write for fun. I can play multiple instruments and have written a few songs (for fun). I can dance really well (I loved dancing). Art as in drawing, painting, etc – I’m not good at. I wish I could draw though.

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@zenele, nope, I can’t dance at all, but I kick wholesale ass.

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Same as @Mariah. I definitely dabble in all three, but I’m not excellent at either one. Being an “artist” would be my weakest one. I can play and write music alright, but nothing amazing. Same goes for writing.

My boyfriend on the other hand excels at drawing. It makes me jealous. I think I’d rather be really good at one than be “okay” at 2 or 3, but that’s just me…

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I can’t draw very well.

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I’m fairly adept with the first two on the list. I played trumpet for a few years, but not well.

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