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Organizing a creative weekend away?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (655points) February 18th, 2014

I am bringing together a number of creative types for a weekend away. The idea is to provide space for people to work on their creative projects, individually, and then share meals. Any thoughts or suggestions on what activities or things to have present in order to enhance the creativity of the weekend? Maybe creative exercises in the morning or something similar that will maintain the spirit of the weekend?

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Can you get someone to lead a yoga class or a guided meditation in the morning? Or an easy nature walk (maybe a silent walk?), no more than about a mile in the sunshine?

And then a place where they can choose to be working or not, but in silence like a library.

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@zenvelo gave some really good suggestions.
Is there a piano available? A piano evokes the max of my creativity, being a person who likes music.

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I think wine and cheese and some sort of reading, or an open mic would be nice. Get everyone to share their voice or their work. You could also do something where everyone shares something that inspires them, maybe in a secret santa type fashion? Painting or doing a visual hands on activity to music is also a lot of fun, even if you’re not a visual artist, it helps to get creative juices flowing. As often as possible these activities should be immersed in nature which is innately inspirational, a walk is wonderful idea.

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My wife is planning a yoga retreat next to a river and the resort has kayaks and canoes people will be able to use. I would also have a room for different art projects. Bring in an artist who could lead the group in a painting class. I did that last fall and had a riot. Tell people to bring their musical instruments or bring in a teacher who could give the group lessons in playing guitar. Have someone teach a yoga class or zumba. Both are lots of fun in group settings. Drumming circles are a riot especially with cocktails flowing.

Have a poetry jam where people bring one or two fav poems to read in front of the group.

Also have a digital camera around that everyone gets to use to take pictures and then post them to a Facebook or other web page for all to see.

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Do some color studies those are always fun

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Competition gets my creative pulses up. Board games, foot races, video games, it makes little difference. Well, Scrabble is my favorite.

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Great plan—good for you that you’re doing it. I’d say the most important thing would be to get feedback from everybody who’s attending re. what they would find inspiring (and anything they would find actively uninspiring/distracting).

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How about lots of alcohol, and cheap, cheating women who love you then spite you? How about heroin, absinthe, poverty, starvation and gonorrhea?
You would be surprised at the remarkable art that has been produced due to these things.

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