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George W. Bush is building a "Presidential Center"; will you be donating?

Asked by Ron_C (14465points) August 12th, 2010

I notice that the “Center” is not called a library doubtlessly because there would be no books of Bush’s to be placed there.

Frankly I find the site at to be rather funny, I can’t stop smiling at the thought of “Advancing the Principles That Shaped a Presidency” as the site describes the project.

Part of what I would like to know is do you think that Bush Jr. was very stupid and naive or was he evil? Who is to blame for the failed wars and social agenda of the Bush presidency. Or, do you think that the guy is just getting a bad rap?

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I am so glad that this is being built.

Just because when Kerry lost, a few friends and I had a huge onrunning joke about the future “Dubya Library”, stocked to the gills with “Left Behind” novels and “Uncle Buck’s Bathroom Reader” next to “The Idiot’s Guide To Foreign Policy” and “Alienating Your Constituents For Dummies”.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Bush is still having his “Autobiography” ghost written and they are still raising money for the Monument to stupidity. If it was a library, a word never used in the description, you probably have the whole bibliography in your answer.

You never answered, is he stupid or evil?

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This cracks me up—a Bush Presidential Center. Think of all the money that could be saved if he just hung the shoe that got thrown at him and a list of all his verbal gaffes in his garage. That I’d pay to see.

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@Austinlad good point, I wonder if the shoe will be there. Notice how well he ducks the issue as long as the shoe?

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A bunch of bananas & a tyre swing?

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Just in case you have some extra money to donate before it is taxed out of your white knuckled fist, you can go here to help fund the project.

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I would rather donate for his exile from this country to someplace like Iraq. After all we bought it and built the world’s largest embassy, I’m sure they can get him a room in the basement. While we are at it, I would not object to sending his parent with him.

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You never answered, is he stupid or evil?

The question is flawed. Stupid is evil.

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@Seek_Kolinahr we always had the saying that ignorance is curable but stupidity is permanent.

I don’t think that all stupid people are evil, in fact I think it takes intelligence to be truly evil. You wouldn’t call Ben Laden stupid, neither is Rush Limbaugh, or Hitler.

Of course you can be both.

I think that Bush is a sociopath, that’s an inherited trait, look at his parents and grandfather. Since a sociopath is usually evil because do what they want without considering the consequences to others. They can also put on a good act an imitate proper social behaviors. Imagine a sociopaths personality combined with being less than “the sharpest knife in the chest”.

Frankly, I can’t think of any nationally know stupid people, they seldom rise to national prominence.

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I think stupidity is evil, but stupidity isn’t the only evil.

You very rarely hear of a stupid person stumbling into performing a deed of great goodness.

Like the girl who was going to sail around the world by herself. “I’m 15 and I’m going to sail around the world!” Did she sail into a desert island that happened to contain the cure for AIDS? No, she sailed into a storm, shipwrecked, and risked the lives of countless other people and cost gobs of money to save her from her own stupid decisions.

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I’ve always wondered why people with money give ANY money to Republican or Democratic politicians and institutions. There are so many causes and people that need help…. and rich people are obsessed with throwing money out the window to politicians and alma maters.

What a waste.

But it’s no more of a waste than any other Presidential Library.

(Although the man himself was sure a huge waste, also).

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@Kraigmo “I’ve always wondered why people with money give ANY money to Republican or Democratic politicians and institutions”. I think that there comes a point where money stops just being wealth but becomes a way to keep score.

It tells some people that they did better than their peers and they get used to the power that comes with great wealth. Now since the fortune is secure, these people become obsessed with control and manipulating other people’s lives. It is a game that rich people play with us commoners. When you spend your day with people telling you that you are great and wonderful, you start to believe that yourself. If you are a sociopath you now know that you are invincible. Without a conscience, the only real fun is to control as many people as deeply as possible.

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I don’t think Bush was or is evil, just not bright enough or far-sighted enough or anything-enough (except rich and well connected) to be president and impossibly stubborn. And he was surrounded by people with bad and dangerous agendas and the horribly cockeyed ideas about religion.

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Not just no, but hell no.

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I’d rather be hanged with a golden rope . . . (or even rusty barbed wire) . . .

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So far the answer is universally no to the donation.

As to the question, evil or stupid.

I have one that stupid is evil and one that thinks stupid. Come on, where are the Bush supporters? There must be some. Almost 50% of the voters voted for him twice.

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No way.

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Extremely unlikely. My discretionary monies go to the Milo Calder Archives and Historical Center fund. Send SASE.

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Um, let me think for a minute, no.

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When he first ran for the Presidency, he was saying we should have a tax break for the rich, since the economy was doing so well.
When the economy began to tank, he said the way to fix it was to give a tax break for the rich. This immediately told me he was an idiot, and didn’t really understand economics.

When he picked Cheney (or Cheney picked himself), there was an issue because both were registered to vote in Texas, and the Constitution required Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates be from different states. Cheney re-registered (I think in California). This told me they will play fast and loose with the Constitution.

Unfortunately, I was right on both counts.

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@filmfann you’re right, I completely forgot about the state residency. That was just the beginning of a long line of Bush Cheney and company crime. Why aren’t the in jail?

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^^Seriously, they should be.

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Will I be donating?

ahahhhahahahahhahahahhhahaaaahahahaahahhahahahhahaaaaahahhahha snort

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The very idea of George W. Bush having a Presidential Library built makes me furious. He should be being tried for war crimes (along with Cheney), but there are way too many people here in TX that seem to think that he can walk on water. As to if he is evil or stupid – it is anybody’s guess. Even if he was simply a stupid puppet in the hands of a puppet master, his actions were still evil & we are still dealing with the processes that he set in motion while he was in office. And NO, I will definitely NOT be donating to building this farce.

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What if America continues to exist for 700 years or more?

There will be too many damn Presidential Libraries/Centers.

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I would gladly donate 2,977 copies of My Pet Goat if I was assured by the curator and staff that they would always be prominently displayed in lobby.

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@Espiritus_Corvus doesn’t anyone else see the irony of a president that most famously only read two books, the bible and My Pet Goat.

You will notice that they call it a Presidential Center, not a library. I would contribute if they had a display discussing the trial and imprisonment of the former illegally elected president. I am likely to vote for candidates that will instigate legal proceedings against Bush and his former White House mafia.

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Yes! I’m going to donate a urinal for the men’s room. It’ll have a nice portrait of W, down low and in the center. Take aim, boys, and have fun!!!

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