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How do you greet the news that there is a new George Bush involved in Texas politics: George P. Bush?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 14th, 2014

Details here if you so care.

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Fine by me, wonder if he’s as funny as baby Bush.

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Good for him. I hope he’s successful.

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Dry heaves.

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Isn’t he one of these guys?

Actually, he has been a politician in training for the majority of his little privileged life and this is just the first step on his bid to become George III.

So long as they do not start a “Bush Dynasty” reality show.

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I don’t live in Texas, so I don’t really give a hoot.

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@livelaughlove21 you should care, he is going to be your prez, one day if he can beat climate change to the punch.

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@rojo Still don’t care.

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I heard that he’s part latino and speaks Spanish? Did they allow one of the Bushes to inter-marry just for a political advantage with the growing hispanic population in the US? Talk about being a pawn spawn.

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So, George P. Bush must be one of the “little brown ones,” as George, Sr. revolting described his grandchildren?

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@livelaughlove21 Well, you are still so young…..

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@hearkat his mom is Hispanic.

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@rojo Oy…

Yes, all “grown ups” give a crap about politics.

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@rojo – A marriage of convenience? Or did they marry for love?

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BTDT. Twice.

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I’ll never understand how a country founded in part on the rejection of monarchy became so obsessed with political dynasties.

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He seems like a very smart, successful family man and smart enough when asked about any ambitions for the White House, “he cites “Bush fatigue” as a discouraging factor.”

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I don’t give a shit either, but clearly the “P” stands for “Penis”

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He should get his own TV Show.
Call it “Crook Dynasty”.

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To paraphrase my favorite Jack Nicholson movie, “it’s Texas, Jakeā€¦”.

Rick Perry will want to check his citizenship.

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P is for PHOOEY. Another Bush we don’t need.

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Shouldn’t his father and grandfather be in jail right now?

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@reijinni His father Jeb Bush has not done anything illegal.

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@Cruiser Some people only remember the Bush name as a negative, end of story, sadly.

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Just like the name Hitler.

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He joined a Congressional delegation to Saudi Arabia in 2012,.he is obviously keeping up a somewhat curious and sometimes profitable family tradition

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I’m fresh out of my weekly allotment of fucks to give.

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I am still fully stocked. I can give you a fuck if you want.

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I’d like to say it’s bad, but is it any worse than inept sociopaths like Rick Perry.

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With a name like that he has to be good. Poor SOB.

1TubeGuru's avatar Dubya was a embarrassment to the free world. he sickens me.

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Pthbthbpthb! (Isn’t that the sound made when the tongue is pinched between the lips and then blow?) I think that’s what the P stands for.

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That’s Jeb’s son, and right now he’s only Texas’ problem, and hopefully it stays that way.

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This reminds me of a discussion earlier this week at work which more or less went along the lines of:

Bring up failures of the UC Berkeley administration in violating title IX repeatedly, everyone sweeps it under the rug of “California is Perfect!”

Mention that the Bush lineage goes on and everyone loses their minds…

And then proceed to rip on Texas further by bringing up a title IX violation that happened there only to say, “what do you expect? they’re a bunch of backwards conservative hicks.”

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I think like George Foreman and all his sons named George, we’ve had about as many George Bush’s in office as we can stand.

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^^^ Yes, he has five sons: George, Jr. and George III – IV. He also has seven daughters but just one Georgetta. (I wonder what restrained him from Georgina, Georgeanne, etc.)

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LOL, good question! I bet his wife put a stop to that. You can name those boys anything you want but if you think you’re going to call all my girls George too, you’ve got another thing coming!

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